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#LabourConference2019@jeremycorbyn  "As a @UKLabour  PM, I pledge to carry out whatever the people decide". 24/9/2019

Brighton beach tonight just below our hotel. Fantastic. #LabourConference2019 

Well done @KateEMcCann  reporting all the way through #LabourConference2019  rendition of the 🚩 flag.

Rebecca Long- Bailey: “Labour will make £3 billion available to automotive industry to invest in new technologies... “ #LabourConference2019 

Well done #LabourConference2019 , you’ve somehow managed to make yourselves even more unelectable than you already were. Great work. 👍🏻👍🏻

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others.” #LabourConference2019 


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He named his office in honour of IRA terrorists, Labour invite him to speak at the Grand Hotel that the IRA bombed. #LabourConference2019 

McDonnell. I will campaign for remain but I agree with Jeremy that we have to root through this #LabourConference2019 

They are serving “vegan fruit” at Emily Thornberry’s fringe meeting this lunchtime. 🤔 #LabourConference2019 

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Tonight's WaughZone is out online. Packed with the v latest intel from #LabourConference2019