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This is completely false - Labour are slightly ahead in the polling average, and in the last two polls are 2 and 3 points ahead - and it's made all the worse by @HackneyAbbott being ridiculed over it. Both @IsabelOakeshott and the BBC should apologise.
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This is what our country could be with a Labour government.
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May excludes Corbyn from cross-party talks: Labour MPs should be instructed to boycott the talks until he is invited. Anything else is throwing a lifeline to May's drowning government...
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tables motion of no confidence in UK PM Theresa May's government after heavy defeat in MPs' #BrexitVote

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The state of British politics today : @jeremycorbyn refuses to say whether Labour will back Brexit in an election he says is urgent whilst @Number10gov refuses to contemplate Plan B ahead of a vote the PM knows she will lose
Theresa May's deal is bad for our economy, for our democracy and for the country.

Labour will vote against it tonight. #BrexitDebate #BrexitVote
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tables no confidence motion in Theresa May's government after #BrexitVote defeat
Reaching out by May and team to Labour MPs, not going to plan according to senior Tory: “Big pushback from Labour MPs against meeting Gove - zero trust”. I guess the way he excoriated @jeremycorbyn yesterday not a traditional olive branch
"Jeremy Corbyn has been quite happy in the past to talk to Hamas, Hezobollah... I find it extraordinary he's not prepared to go and meet the prime minister"

Labour's Mike Gapes urges his party leader to hold #Brexit talks with Theresa May
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This is why we need a general election and a Labour government.
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