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Audience member at CBI conference declares he will vote Tory despite being a centrist Remainer. "I'm scared to death of the prospect of a Labour government in this country....I'd rather crash out of Europe." Applause, loud shouts of "hear hear" from some delegates.

It's 24 days until the election. In today's #ElectionDaily  I talk polling and youth turnout, why this has to be a climate emergency election, and I go to Brexit-voting Ashfield to find out if Labour can keep its Remainer and Leaver coalition together >>

@D_Blanchflower  @LibDemsa  retainer? If you mean Remainer, then you should vote tactically. Remain will only happen under a Labour government, and Remain is sure to happen under Labour.

'The Brexit Party will not contest the 317 seats the Tories won at the last election but we will take on Labour and the remainer parties'. Farage previously said the Brexit Party would run in 600 seats at #GeneralElection2019 . Read more here:

"The Brexit Party will not contest the 317 seats the Conservatives won at the last election" Nigel Farage says his party will only fight seats held by Labour and "the rest of the Remainer parties", rather than field 600 candidates as previously promised

Farage: Last night I weighed up Johnson promised against threat particularly in South and SW we let in LD MPs. The Brexit part will not contest 317 seats that the Tories won in last election. Will fight against Labour and other Remainer parties

Nigel Farage said the Brexit Party will focus its efforts on defeating Labour and other Remainer parties

Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage, has withdrawn his threat to take on the Tories in the General Election and will instead fight for seats held by Labour and the 'Remainer' parties.

Fuming BBC QT host Fiona Bruce breaks up humiliating Remainer clash between Labour and SNP

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“Keir Starmer is 100% Remainer.” Labour MP Ronnie Campbell calls out his own party’s Shadow Brexit Secretary and says “it’s time this country just got rid of the European issue and got down to the arguments that are on the streets.” #Newsnight 

Excellent. More fudge and vacillation. We’ll negotiate a new deal. But we won’t tell you before an election whether we’ll campaign for it or against it. THANKS LABOUR. If you’re a Remainer, just join the @LibDems  already.

New post: The Remainers urging people to vote for a No Deal Brexit Every so called Remainer saying you cannot vote Labour is helping bring about a No Deal Brexit.

Let me get this straight. If Labour don't back a random backbencher as PM, No Deal is on them If Remainer MPs don't back the leader of the opposition, whose party won 40% of the vote, to head a very temporary government to stop No Deal and allow an election they're not to blame?

So the swing between the Tory Rebel Remainer victory on medicines and defeat on customs-union backstop were quartet of Labour MPs, Frank Field, Kate Hoey, John Mann and Graham Stringer. owes them big time