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The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania grew to 4 percent, which is two percent above the record low that was held from April through June, the Dept. of Labor and Industry said. It is also above the national rate of 3.5 percent.

The Dept of Labor's proposed tipped-wage rule seems to betray the compromise language Congress put into law just last year. It has the clear goal of allowing employers to steal employees’ tips and to pay their workers less.

Corral: Labor dept has yet to release a promised study on possible impact of CITIRA to workers | via @BruceTRodriguez 

$$AAPL new ATH on crack. And $CMG always on crack, near ATH and 65x forward PE, under labor dept investigation, and food safety issues. $SPY

Our tipping system allows restaurant owners to take advantage of employees, and Trump's Labor Dept. wants to make that even easier to do, because of course.

Russia needs household workers, musicians, skilled workers: labor dept

Russia needs household workers, musicians, skilled workers: labor dept

Email shows @benjaminpenn  asked Dept of Labor accusatory ?s based on false premise that he was an anti-Semite, asking if Olson was "fit for government service " and whether DOL was ok with senior employees who made "comments that were disparaging to Jews. "

Latest report from Labor Dept says 136,000 jobs created in September. Lower than analysts expected. Unemployment rate drops to 3.5%. That's the lowest since 1969. Updates from @MFeldmanNEWS  w/ @Robertanews  & @TomJordanNews  on AM 950 or listen here

'Total hit job': Attorney Ted Frank FOIA'd Ben Penn's emails to Labor Dept. about Leif Olson and 'this looks veeeeeery bad for Bloomberg Law' [screenshots]


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your employer doesn’t get to arbitrarily decide if you’re an employee or freelance. if you’re paid as a freelancer and you’re sitting in a meeting at your office and you don’t get to leave until 6 or later etc, you might want to place an anonymous call to the state Dept of Labor

250,000 jobs created last month per the Labor dept. A record for October jobs creation. *US unemployment remains at a 50 (fifty) year low. If this doesn’t sway undecide/independent voters in the mid terms, these people should come clean and admit they’re partisan “Anti-Trumpers”

Better than expected jobs September jobs ⬆️ 230-k jobs added to the economy vs estimate of 185-k this Friday September jobs report from labor Dept & our special coverage #Jobs 

2. A few weeks after the Labor Dept'>Trump Labor Dept said wages are FLAT and the SAME day the Trump Treasury Dept. said the deficit is worse than anticipated, the Trump Treasury Dept proposes a new unilateral $100 billion tax cut…for the rich!

This is horrifying. Trump's Dept. of Labor wants to enact a rule allowing restaurant bosses to control tips given to their workers. An analysis found the rule would take billions of dollars from servers, so the DoL hid the study from the public.

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Trump winery asks Labor Dept'>Trump Labor Dept. for permission to hire foreign workers

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Trump proposals for civil rights & anti-discrimination programs Labor Dept -kill it EPA -kill it Ed Dept -gut it

Trump's Labor Dept. pick admits to employing undocumented worker