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Read @NRA  CEO and EVP WayneLaPierre’s statement on NRA lawsuit against San Francisco: (1/2)

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National Rifle Association CEO LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre, his wife and other top NRA officials were treated to free hunting safaris by an NRA vendor, according to a new lawsuit

After a conversation or two with NRA head LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre, Trump backed away from background checks like a kid who touched a hot stove.

Gun owner: Marian Hammer, LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre, NRA do not represent all gun owners | Letters to the Editor

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NRA’s LaPierre Embroiled In New Lawsuit With Longtime Business Partner

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Not all of the attendees at the N.R.A.’s Personal Protection Expo were happy with the organization’s leadership, particularly with its embattled vice-president, LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre.

Lawsuit alleges vendor treated NRA CEO LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre to free hunting safaris

Producer of TV Hunting show alleges in lawsuit that it treated National Rifle Association CEO LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre, wife and others to free hunting safaris @MarkMaremont  via @WSJ 

NRA chief LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre -- who once pinned the blame for mass shootings on violent video games -- turned to that same industry for the NRA's latest hire. Scoop from @SaraMurray  & @MichaelRWarren 

✔️ True. A week after President Bush’s letter was publicized, LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre offered an apology on behalf of the NRA.


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I spoke to the president today. We discussed the best ways to prevent these types of tragedies. @realDonaldTrump  is a strong #2A  President and supports our Right to Keep and Bear Arms! – LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre

As LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre often says, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is living in a gated community in a French chateau-style home with 10,000 square feet, 9 bathrooms and a golf-club membership

“The document shows the NRA agreed to contribute $6.5 million to the company formed to buy the property, raising questions about the NRA’s previous statements that none of the group’s money was to be used to purchase the house for Mr. LaPierre.”

Breaking —> Documents show the NRA planned to purchase a $6 million mansion for LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre, an uncompleted transaction that is now under scrutiny by investigators, @CarolLeonnig  & @bethreinhard  report

Philando Castile's mom slams NRA chief LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre as a hypocrite: "If he really cared about the good guys out here, he would have stood up for my son."

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"I call on every citizen who loves this country and treasures its freedom to stand and unflinchingly defend the Second Amendment, the one freedom that protects us all." - LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre 👏 👏 👏

So your @NRA  dues paid $200,000 to a Beverly Hills store for Italian suits for LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre. How does that feel?

And I ask LaPierre'>Wayne LaPierre why he is threatening violence against my fiancé saying “her time is running out?” Wayne, you know that language increases violent threats against her. So why, Wayne?