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On a plane to a story! Again! 3 crazy weeks of travel ahead, so feel free to send all the presents you bought me to LaGuardia Airport! ❤️❤️

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Vehicle Collision: Expect westbound traffic delays on the Grand Central Parkway at LaGuardia Airport in Queens. Consider alternate routes. Multilingual & ASL Link: .

Airport Fire Chief Bill Major said the incident happened at 8:38 a.m. with a Delta flight arriving from LaGuardia Airport.

“Across the country, you need to plan on arriving early,” @TrevorKOIN  says from LaGuardia Airport about airline travelers as weather impacts airspace and roads around the U.S. this holiday week.

A triple threat of storms could be brewing up trouble on the ground and in the air, bringing snow, rain and dangerous conditions to much of the country over the next few days. @gabegutierrez  is a NLaGuardia Airport'>YC’s LaGuardia Airport, where winds and heavy rain could impact holiday travel.

✈️ Live from LaGuardia: What is the most “Lord of the Flies” shit you have ever seen on a plane / at the airport?

@tonydokoupil  . ask @Deltas  CEO Ed Bastian why the company is investing $12 billion in airport renovations, including almost $4 billion to repair New York City’s LaGuardia airport.

What percentage of raydalio's Bridgewater Associates portfolio is in puts? More marketrebels Have a Great Weekend @ LaGuardia Airport, New York


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2/ Former deputy campaign chair Gates testified that he was riding in a Chevy Suburban from LaGuardia Airport in New York in mid-2016 when Trump took a late-evening phone call from Stone, where the pair apparently discussed WikiLeaks' planned release of hacked Democratic emails.

Kudos to air traffic controllers at LaGuardia who essentially closed the airport by refusing to show up for work this morning. Within hours, Trump caved. Now, 38 years after Reagan fired air traffic controllers for striking, they've evened the score.

Happening NOW at LaGuardia Airport in NYC: citizens gathering to greet kids separated from their parents by the Trump administration #FamiliesBelongTogether  #FreedomforImmigrants 

President-elect Donald Trump's plane receives water cannon salute at LaGuardia Airport as he departs for White House

Mueller Report: En route to LaGuardia Airport in late summer 2016, candidate Trump takes a phone call, and then tells Rick Gates "more releases of damaging information would be coming" from Wikileaks.

BREAKING: FAA says it is halting flights into New York's LaGuardia airport due to air traffic control staffing issues.

BREAKING: The FAA has halted flights into New York's LaGuardia airport, citing staff shortage

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"Secretary Ross, they've just shut down LaGuardia Airport to incoming flights." "Why is that a problem? People can always fly into Signature at Teterboro. That's what I always do. It's better for them even. Because they let your chauffeur pull up right to the plane."

Hundreds have shown up in the middle of the night at LaGuardia Airport to protest planes bringing Trump-kidnapped children from the border to ICE facilities in NYC. Our crew is here with cameras.

URGENT CALL to all in the NYC vicinity: Planes are still arriving TONIGHT(after midnight) at LaGuardia Airport RIGHT NOW w/ children taken from their parents at the border. Need ppl at LGA to document/protest this travesty. My crew is there. Activist groups have sent out the call