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Bless up. I'm playing Jesus Christ in #JesusChristSuperstar Live! coming to @NBC this April!
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The original Dorothy, @PrettyMill1, passes the torch to @LuvbeingShanice in #TheWiz LIVE, coming to @NBC Dec 3!
‘JUN. K SOLO CONCERT Mr. NO♡’ Opening Live Coming Soon!
@ 2017.01.15 04:30PM(KST)
#JUN_K #2PM #77_1X3_00 #NOSHADOW
ACM check me out, coming live coming out from H Town!
RT this in the next 48 hours and go in the running to win a $200 Amazon gift card!

GAMURS Live, coming soon. ✌️
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Shooting YouTube Q&A video RIGHT NOW! I have your #ShayAMA questions but also ask me on insta live coming in the next few min!
.@maryjblige is the wickedly fierce Evillene in #TheWiz LIVE, coming to @NBC Thursday at 8/7c.
11 months
STILL TO COME: For the first time ever on #SDLive, @JohnCena faces @RandyOrton LIVE, coming up on @USA_Network!
Activision has announced Guitar Hero Live, coming fall 2015 alongside a new controller:
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