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California now wants to scale back their already failed “fast train” project by substantially shortening the distance so that it no longer goes from L.A. to San Francisco. A different deal and record cost overruns. Send the Federal Government back the Billions of Dollars WASTED!
Watch what happened when , the global K-pop phenomenon, boarded a party bus with Vogue and took L.A. by storm.
Hey #BTSARMY! If you’re in L.A., I’ve got some VIP tickets to watch perform on my show. Want a chance to see them?
See exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of BTS' recent L.A. takeover
Once upon a time in South Central L.A.
Chris Paul, Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo have been ejected after throwing blows in L.A.
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Some backyards appear in danger of collapsing in a Santa Clarita neighborhood, 1 day after wild weather hit L.A. County (Video: @MarkKonoSky5)
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There's always one.

BTS Takes on L.A.🤳
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We spent the day with @BTS_twt in L.A. and it was a "lituation."

LeBron’s arrival in L.A. is ruined by Kobe stans 🐍 #GameOfZones (@StateFarm)
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