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1/2: VanVleet loved seeing Kyle Lowry do Lowry things at all-star: “He was looking good. I don't really remember him before I got here, but I know like the last three years I was watching him, he never played like himself out there ...

🌟RUN IT BACK🌟 kyle lowry over everything, especially at the all-star game. @steven_lebron  x @notjoshhart  full episode:

154-153 #TeamLeBron  has the ball and the lead, and Kyle Lowry takes ANOTHER charge! 🔊 Polish - Canal+ Sport 🔊

I wrote about Kyle Lowry being Kyle Lowry in Chicago, one charge at a time. “Same old thing, man," said his mentor @20_awill , who has known him since he was 17. "It's just, you know, you're surprised to see it in an All-Star Game."

Kawhi gets the steal, and then Kyle Lowry takes the charge in transition! #NBAAllStar  🔊 Japanese - Rakuten 🔊

kyle lowry spending his post all-star game interview talking about fourth quarter charges >>>>>

Kyle Lowry took two charges during the All-Star Game and the internet has some jokes about it. MORE @

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"I had mixed emotions" Nick Nurse on Kyle Lowry taking charges in the All Star Game. VIDEO:


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Kyle Lowry found his son in the crowd ❤️

This fan told Kyle Lowry that Jimmy Butler was his favorite player, so Lowry put Jimmy on FaceTime for him 🙌 (via @Raptors )

If Kyle Lowry walked into Mark Stevens’s office and shoved him he would be arrested.

Just did a really cool interview with Kawhi and Kyle Lowry, about how they got here and everything this title means, and here’s what happened before we even started rolling. Special.

Kyle Lowry asking Fred VanVleet postgame questions is pure entertainment ?

Kawhi shared what he texted Kyle Lowry after he was traded to Toronto: "Let’s go out and do something special. I know your best friend left. I know you’re mad. But let’s make this thing work out."

Kawhi joked that Kyle Lowry didn't want him anymore, now that he got a title ? (via @Rachel__Nichols )

Kyle Lowry and Ben Simmons appear to motion to each other to meet in hallway after double ejection ?