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"The fact that Kushner, without full security clearance, is permitted to peruse the President’s Daily Briefing. . . makes all of Kushner’s financial obligations and debts urgent threats to our national security. This situation is unconscionable.”
JUST IN: Thirty to 40 White House officials and administration political appointees are still operating without full security clearances, including Jared Kushner, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, sources say
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Trump campaign had NO CONTACT with Russia.

OK, Flynn had contact with Russia.

Flynn and Sessions had contact with Russia.

Flynn and Sessions. Also, Don Jr., Manafort and Kushner.

OK: Flynn, Sessions, Don Jr., Manafort, Kushner, Page and Papadopoulos. But THAT'S IT!
So Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner transferred their email accounts to Trump Org. *after* Congress told them not to? That's kind of suspicious. But no one cares about email scandals, right?
Jared Kushner did very well yesterday in proving he did not collude with the Russians. Witch Hunt. Next up, 11 year old Barron Trump!
JUST IN: Kushner requests more classified info than anyone else in White House despite temporary security clearance: report
On November 20, Kobach met with Trump, Bannon, Miller, Kushner, and Priebus to share his secret plan to dismantle the National Voter Registration Act.
Trump associates who've offered on-the-record or *under-oath* falsehoods about meeting w Russians

Donald Jr
Just a reminder that Jared Kushner asked the Russians for a secret line to Putin from the Russian embassy, no one’s denying it, and 40% of the country is like whatever. Fucking amazing.
A great WaPo piece on Kushner making the most of his interim clearance to obtain sensitive security intel while appearing unlikely to ever get his five-year clearance
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