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17. Same for Kurtan's issue with fast scanners at the checkout

4. Kurtan calling Kerry an 'unemotional slab of ham'

9. How much Kerry and Kurtan hate June

Still the best moment of my 2020, when I bumped into Kerry and Kurtan@BBCRadio2  and they gave my daughter a shoutout

20. The time Kurtan showed the vicar his favourite song

10. The time Kurtan joined Tinder and had to set his radius to France

Watch tonight's episode of #ThisCountry  to find out why Kurtan hates Toadfish from Neighbours. Streaming now on @BBCiPlayer .

Here's the full, uncut version of the Mucklowe Millennium home video from tonight's episode of #ThisCountry . Features baby Kerry and Kurtan.

And no, we’re not telling you who Kurtan’s nan is. #ThisCountry 

Fans left guessing which A-list star plays Kurtan's nan on #ThisCountry 

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Zoom in to find out what Kurtan’s shouting about x

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Kurtan Mucklowe: natural born homemaker. Enjoy this *~EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE~* from episode one of #ThisCountry 

Here's an *~EXCLUSIVE~* preview of tomorrow's episode of #ThisCountry . Kurtan's learning to drive. @BBCiPlayer , 7pm.

Kurtan making memes might be my favourite *~EXCLUSIVE DELETED SCENE~* yet. More new #ThisCountry  is on iPlayer tomorrow at 7pm.

Kerry and Kurtan had a proper go at snapchat filters.... #thiscountry 

The best version of Happy Birthday ever? Welcome to part one of Kerry and Kurtan’s video diary. #ThisCountry 

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