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Kurdistan is home to some of the most beautiful natural environments and habitats in the world. This government is working hard to preserve and sustain them, but as Kurdistanis we each have our own responsibility. #WorldEnvironmentDay 

Kurdistan Gov’t. and People Responsible Towards Environment: PM Barzani

Kurdistan to Take Part in Forthcoming US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue: Spokesperson

#UPDATED: Over 50 New COVID-19 Infections Recorded in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq is currently in an economic crisis due to the collapse in global oil prices and a budget dispute with #Baghdad , making it unlikely that it could provide financial assistance to people

Kurdistan to Take Part in Forthcoming US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue: @KRGSpokesperson 

Kurdistan: Two More Coronavirus Cases Detected, Totaling 851


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President @realDonaldTrump  met this morning with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government at #wef20 .

Dear President Trump, please know that the people of Kurdistan have always pursued their just rights. The Peshmerga have defeated ISIS and are an effective part of the coalition against terror. The blood of the Kurds is far more valuable than money and weapons. Thank you.

“Trump appears to confuse the Kurds of Syria and Iraq in a meeting with the president of Kurdistan'>Iraqi Kurdistan

YPG and YPJ will do everything to resist invasion of western Kurdistan and northern Syria by terrorists under Turkish command.

Maybe it’s time for a fully independent #Kurdistan  in what is currently Northern#Iraq ?

We are very concerned about the recent developments in Kurdistan'>Western Kurdistan. We are in contact with several channels and we will do our utmost to ensure that the people of Rojava are not subjected to any more disasters.

Under the Putin-Erdogan deal, the Syrian regime will take control of the main border crossings with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region at Fishkabour and Rabiya. The president seems not to realize the extent to which the entire position in NE Syria has unraveled.

With impeccable timing, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov just started a meeting with Kurdistan Prime Minister Masrour Barzani. Aside from Moscow's role as Syrian powerbroker, Kremlin-controlled oil giant Rosneft is drilling in Kurdistan and building export pipelines

I just landed in Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq. The invasion of Northern Syria has started. Will be at the border with N-Syria asap. @akhbar 

Why is Trump's former bodyguard and head of security Keith Schiller, in an Adidas fleece, meeting the Kurdistan'>Iraq Kurdistan president and premier?