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First, thank you for the reminder, John! Second, if you think about it, Kung Fu Bears kinda make sense after all the whatnot with the Murder Hornets. #TheMoreYouKnow  #LoveUp 

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Based on the Marvel Comics superhero, the character Shang-Chi is often referred to as a master of Kung Fu, having been trained in martial arts from a young age. Awkwafina and Tony Leung co-star in the film, which is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton.

Pet owner kung-fu kicked crazed knifeman who told him 'I'll cut your dog then slit your throat'

At the Shaolin Temple in China, warrior monks train for years to master the art of Kung Fu. #SacredWonders  is streaming now on @BBCiPlayer .

Standard semi-mythical ancient warriors from various places: Europe: knights Japan: samurai China: kung fu masters America: cowboys What are the corresponding semi-mythical ancient warriors for the following places? India Iran Korea Thailand Nigeria Arab countries

KO’d tai chi master Ma Baoguo may think otherwise but Chinese social media isn’t tricked by these ‘kung-fools’

I’m watching wrestlemania 11, Second match is Jeff Jarrett the country star (with the roadie) against Razor Ramon for the intercontinental title 123 kid is wearing a kung fu outfit. I’ll be watching him the whole time

Tucker Carlson and Pete Hegseth try to bring "Kung Flu" back


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These Buddhist nuns: - Teach young girls self-defense - Reached victims of the Nepal 2015 earthquake when others couldn't - Are solar panel technicians to promote green energy And it all started with kung fu

@CALUMDATING I hope you learned Kung fu in your break cause WERE ABOUT TO BATTLE

"Edi mamatay 'yan kung mamatay." Oxygen tanks for a critically-ill patient were barred entry at a checkpoint in QC, according to the supplier.

CBS used footage from an Italian hospital for a segment on conditions in New York City. Their White House corespondent won’t identify an alleged official she claimed said “KungFlu.” Are they trying to hurt @realDonaldTrump  instead of reporting facts?

Yup. Me and Carl Sagan used to make Kung Fu movies on the side.

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I need to learn how to cook, Start a dance troop, Kung'>Teach Kung fu on the beach and win the World Series of poker. #LateNightThoughts 

A lesson this kung fu student won't soon forget ?

Is Kendrick Lamar the next Rapper/Actor? ? Check out a clip of Kung Fu Kenny’s acting debut on #PowerTV ⁠ ⁠.