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A message to Mueller: Stay strong and stand tall. Continue to investigate them all. You are indeed answering the people's call. The Kremlin Klan is going to fall. Around you the Democrats are building a wall. We look forward to the day, to prison they will all be hauled.
So a Kremlin leader announced today several new nuclear weapon systems designed to attack America in novel, scary ways, and our commander in chief (unless I missed it?) did not say one word in response. Amazing.
A Florida woman who ran a Trump supporters page that unwittingly promoted a Russian-coordinated event on Facebook says she doesn’t believe that she was influenced by Kremlin-linked trolls
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NEW: Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Schiff urge Facebook and Twitter to investigate involvement of Russian bots in pushing "Release the Memo" campaign: "If these reports are accurate, we are witnessing an ongoing attack by the Russian government through Kremlin-linked social media actors."
Thought experiment: if the Kremlin was responsible for Rex Tillerson being named as Trump's secretary of state, including vetoing Mitt Romney, does Moscow also have veto power over whether Tillerson stays or goes? Is that why he can call @realDonaldTrump a "moron" with impunity?
What does it say about the Republican memo that the Kremlin is pushing it, more than they’re pushing anything else right now?
* Trump publicly asked Russia to help.
* Trump's top campaign advisers accepted an offer of secret help from Moscow
* Trump denied Russia was intervening in the election and provided the Kremlin cover.

This is aiding and abetting an attack on the USA.
Steele memo says Kremlin intervened to block Trump's initial choice for Sec State, Mitt Romney -- who you'll remember called Russia America's "No. 1 geopolitical foe" -- per amazing @JaneMayerNYer reporting
Trump and Putin spoke by phone today, the second time in four days. On Thurs, Trump called to thank Putin for stock market praise. Today, Putin called Trump to thank him for a CIA tip, per Kremlin.
If true, these messages represent more secret communications between the Trump campaign and cut-outs for the Kremlin, along with Roger Stone and Cambridge Analytica. It also demonstrates again a willingness by the highest levels of the Trump campaign to accept foreign assistance.
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