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Every patriotic American should be furious the Kremlin so cynically sought to divide & manipulate us on Facebook. Tech firms should testify:
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CNN: The Kremlin confirms it received Trump attorney Michael Cohen's email about a Moscow real estate deal.
.@POTUS must raise Russia's interference in our election with Putin, or the Kremlin will conclude he is too weak to confront them directly.
Another recognition from my friends in the Kremlin!
Kushner left (at least) three meetings with Kremlin-connected Russian nationals off his SF86, under penalty of perjury. Why?
We need to know if Paul Manafort was offering info to Kremlin through oligarchs, at same time Kremlin was offering info to him through same.
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Exclusive: Russian ambassador told Moscow that Jared Kushner wanted secret communications channel with the Kremlin
If former intel officer present, even more damning. Regardless Kremlin got clear message that Trump campaign welcomed its help. Here's why:
Donald Trump Jr. set up a meeting last June with Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and a Kremlin-connected lawyer
If you're wondering why the US press doesn't have pictures of Secretary Tillerson at the Kremlin, that's because he ditched his press pool
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