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NYT says Trump is poised to name Richard Grenell as Director of National Intelligence. Here's Lev Parnas telling the Daily Beast that Grenell agreed to give a "heads up" to Kremlin-connected oligarch Dmitry Firtash if DOJ was about to move to extradite him to face trial here:

As for Russia. I have a poor record of superforecasting the Kremlin’s but I think the Turkish threat of war wd have to be assessed as genuine and credible to make much impression in Moscow. And the only way to demonstrate that wd be to follow through on it

Turkish military operation against Syrian govt in #Idlib  ‘worst case scenario’ – Kremlin spokesman

Kremlin clarifies details on administration of cabinet:

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@Mauerback  @georgegallowayAnd  because of that latter point, you could write the EXACT opposite of this article and claim the Kremlin is against Scottish independence!

@EmmanuelMacron  appears to be in Putin's back pocket. He proved it again last week when he spoke at the Munich Security Conference. As Russian state media happily pointed out, he issued yet another lament against EU sanctions against the Kremlin.

Kremlin: Turkish military operation in Syria's Idlib would be worst-case scenario


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At the Chez Vachon diner in Manchester, I asked ⁦ @DonaldJTrumpJr ⁩ why he thought it was appropriate to meet with a Russian emissary who he was told was part of a secret Kremlin effort to help @realDonaldTrump ⁩’s campaign. Here’s what happened.

Deroy Murdock, National Review: “We are now exporting oil, which is the first time in my lifetime - we are right now the largest producer of oil and gas. This is not good if you’re Vladimir Putin where your chief export is oil. W.H. Agent - Not good for Kremlin.”

Remarkable that we know @realDonaldTrump  spoke with Putin yesterday only because the KREMLIN read out the call.

What hangs in the balance in the impeachment process isn’t only the fate of President Trump, it’s the very notion of objective truth and whether our nation’s health and security will succumb to a global campaign, fanned by the Kremlin, to subvert reality.

It’s been nearly 24 hours since Trump spoke to Putin and still no WH acknowledgement or readout of the call. Kremlin’s readout came immediately after, stating they discussed issues of “mutual interest”. - What issues? - Who from US was on call? - Why let Russia readout first?

“It’s not just factually incorrect, Trump is asking people to believe a discredited claim that is ‘being propagated by the Russian security services.’ Put another way, the president is helping advance Kremlin propaganda intended to hurt the United States”

“No information was ever given by the Trump Team to Russia, yet the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for information from Kremlin sources and just washed it through an intermediary, Christopher Steele.” Jesse Waters

“Gas prices drop across the United States because President Trump has deregulated Energy and we are now producing a great deal more oil than ever before.” But this is bad news for Russia, why would President Trump do such a thing? Thought he worked for Kremlin?

A message to Mueller: Stay strong and stand tall. Continue to investigate them all. You are indeed answering the people's call. The Kremlin Klan is going to fall. Around you the Democrats are building a wall. We look forward to the day, to prison they will all be hauled.

News that Russian hackers targeted Claire McCaskill’s staff shortly after Trump called for her ouster is a chilling sign of Kremlin plans for midterms. As Dan Coats said, the warning lights are flashing red. All Americans, of all parties, must denounce this, even if Trump won’t.