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#Ukraine #PrivatBank  wins London case,blocks oligarch Kolomoisky from unfreezing $2bn assets

Zelenskyy said he was ready to “sit down and talk” with Kolomoisky.

Ukraine's central bank says a future IMF program is "stalled" because Zelensky won't give a "strong signal" he backs the state against his oligarch backer Igor Kolomoisky in the PrivatBank dispute

Ihor Kolomoisky's legal team are once again facing PrivatBank, the National Bank of #Ukraine  and the Ministry of Finance in a #Kyiv  courtroom.

2 lawyers acting for two different institutions that represent the state in a legal battle with Kolomoisky'>Ihor Kolomoisky over the nationalized PrivatBank say that the presiding judge is biased in favor of the billionaire oligarch.

@Anna16884189  When asked whether he thinks oligarch Kolomoisky'>Ihor Kolomoisky should be tamed, President Zelensky said yes. He then added that he has not spoken to Kolomoisky about PrivatBank.

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@Anna16884189  Zelensky said it makes sense to negotiate with oligarch Kolomoisky'>Ihor Kolomoisky about the future of Privatbank. He said this way the government could solve the bank issue outside the court, where Kolomoisky is sewing #Ukraine  and where the government’s position is weak.

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@Anna16884189  On talking with Kolomoisky: "We need to sit and talk with him that it will not be like this, nobody will give you money back but you want to keep on living in this country...I’m ready to talk with any oligarch.” 📸: Volodymyr Petrov/Kyiv Post

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Now Zelenskiy claims he didnt discuss Privatbank with Kolomoisky. - Now he is lying.


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Kolomoisky claims to have text messages from and receipts of payments to Giuliani's partners who were trying to get Ukrainians to interfere in U.S. politics:

@washingtonpost  Kolomoisky said Giuliani's partners approached him in APRIL to get to Zelensky: “A big scandal may break out, and not only in Ukraine, but in the United States. That is, it may turn out to be a clear conspiracy against Biden.”

Can Volodymyr Zelensky save Ukraine from the corruption holding it back? Or will the oligarch who made him famous pull the strings? We took a look at the $5.5bn question: how PrivatBank and its former owner Kolomoisky'>Igor Kolomoisky could decide Ukraine’s future.

Ukraine’s prime minister tells the FT Zelensky is looking for a “compromise” and “joint solutions” with oligarch Kolomoisky'>Igor Kolomoisky over the $5.5bn Privatbank scandal - and Kolomoisky’s former lawyer Bodgan is calling the shots. The IMF won’t be happy.

Ukraine’s western backers are worried notorious oligarch IgorKolomoisky’s influence on new president Zelensky could torpedo its IMF support. Now Kolomoisky says Ukraine should just tell the IMF to screw itself and default. Our @FT  interview:

Big moves in Ukraine today: -Zelensky inauguration set for May 20, allowing for possible early parliament elex; -Meanwhile, Ze-linked oligarch Kolomoisky returns to Ukraine for first time in 2 years; -And rock star Vakarchuk announces new Holos (Voice) party and parliament run.

Presidential Volodymyr Zelenskiy's team is linked to oligarch Kolomoisky'>Ihor Kolomoisky, interior affairs minister Arsen Avakov and runaway lawmaker Ihor Kaletnik, according to an investigation by

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Surreal. Zelenskiy finally goes on live TV (Kolomoisky’s 1+1 channel where his shows air, of course) but acts more as moderator than candidate, calling on members of his team to speak on his behalf one by one. Oleksandr Danylyuk, Mikhail Fedorov, Rouslan Riaboshapka etc. 3 days🗳