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Kobani is a predominantly Kurdish area and site of the turning point against ISIS in 2015. This military facility was later critical to the defeat of ISIS’s so-called caliphate. Unfortunately for the Kurds, there’s no oil in the area.

Today in Syria: Russia takes control of main U.S. military facility abandoned earlier this week by American forces on Trump’s orders. This area is south of Kobani and went to Russia under the Putin-Erdogan deal. Russia now also owns the airstrip we built.

UPDATE: The blast happened in the Kobani district of the Aleppo Province, along the Syrian-Turkish border while military policemen were on a reconnaissance trip MORE:

Three Russian military police officers were hurt in a blast from a home-made bomb on Monday as they carried out a routine patrol in #Syria  near the border with Turkey. The bomb went off near the town of Kobani in Syria’s northern Aleppo province

Nishti Murad, a school teacher from Kobani, believes America left them to die. The Kurds of northern Syria have lost faith in the US following Pres. Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from the region. Watch part of @RichardEngel 's special report

Kurdish children go back to school in Kobani, Syria on Tuesday after nearly one month of schools being closed due to Turkey's offensive last month. The closed schools left more than 51,000 students out of the classroom during that period. (Video Courtesy: VOA Kurdish Service)

Russians enter US air base near Kobani after US forces left: SDF official (Kurdistan24) ZsmeX6rGWB

U.S. defense officials tell CBS News that the military has now completed its withdrawal of the Kobani Air Base, the main logistics hub coordinating the initial U.S. drawdown, but hundreds of troops remain

(!) Rubio predicts Erdogan making imminent move against Kurds in Kobani “US troops in that area finally left, it took them two weeks to break down and move ... he’s going to view that as a chance to come in and grab that city. That’s going to probably scramble all of this”

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two people were killed when Turkish troops fired live ammunition at protesters near Kobani in Northern Syria


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Syrian Army meet US troops on a highway as American forces move out from Kobani. Wondering if they waved to each other…

JUST IN: Commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Gen. Mazloum Kobani, hails "Successful& historical operation due to a joint intelligence work with the United States of America."

Putin-Erdogan: Assad Regime takes entire border region outside area given away in US-TR “ceasefire” last week. Turkey patrols to 10km. No outposts. Putin stood up to Erdogan more than Trump. Bottom line: Fate of historic Kurd areas (Kobani) now entirely in hands of Assad/Russia.

What an incredible video. Syrian army is seen passing U.S. troops on a main road near Kobani as American forces leave the area. U.S. out, Syria/Russia in. @akhbar 

What a moment! Syrian army enters the town of Kobani. This is the town where the Kurds and the U.S. first defeated ISIS together 5 years ago. @akhbar 

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Pence said Turkey agreed not to take action against Kobani. Turkish FM denies they agreed to that.

Gen. Kobani Abdi'>Mazloum Kobani Abdi told a senior US diplomat, "You are leaving us to be slaughtered," demanding to know if the US is going to do anything to protect Syrian Kurds as Turkey continues its military operation targeting America's Kurdish allies in Syria.

1/ #BREAK  I just spoke to my source in Kobani, NSyria, which is under fire by Turkish army. He told me something incredible: Acc to him, 1000s of Kurds from Kobani are right now fleeing to a US military base near Lafarge cement factory, to seek US soldiers' protection. @akhbar