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golden states klay thompson has suffered a torn acl in his left knee his agent greg lawrence tells espn
Golden State’s Klay Thompson has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, his agent Greg Lawrence tells ESPN.
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just a two minute rest i ll be ready that s what klay told kerr with a torn acl
"Just a two minute rest, I'll be ready". That's what Klay told Kerr. With a torn ACL.
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breaking klay and the warriors agree to a 5 year 190m max deal per multiple reports
Breaking: Klay and the Warriors agree to a 5-year/$190M max deal, per multiple reports
he lost kd in game 5 he lost klay in game 6 steph left it all out there
He lost KD in Game 5.
He lost Klay in Game 6.
Steph left it all out there...
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jerry west continues to make banner moves as an executive helped build 1980s lakers dynasty traded vlade divac
Jerry West continues to make banner moves as an executive:

◼️ Helped build 1980s Lakers dynasty
◼️ Traded Vlade Divac for Kobe
◼️ Convinced Shaq to sign with LAL
◼️ Stopped Klay-for-Kevin Love trade
◼️ Helped recruit KD to Warriors
◼️ Signed Kawhi & PG13 in one night
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drake s live reaction to klay going down via tsnsports
Drake's live reaction to Klay going down.

(via @TSN_Sports)
all those talking heads that say we re better without him that s ludicrous that s crazy this is the best playe
"All those talking heads that say we're better without him, that's ludicrous, that's crazy, this is the best player in the world."

Klay Thompson on Kevin Durant's impact for the Warriors
klay thompson only needed four dribbles to score 43 points
Klay Thompson only needed FOUR DRIBBLES to score 43 points 😳
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what klay say three years ago today klay said lebron was in his feelings triggering the 3 1 comeback lbj next
“What Klay say?”

Three years ago today, Klay said LeBron was in his feelings, triggering the 3-1 comeback. 😂

LBJ next three games:
36.3 PPG
12.3 RPG
9.0 APG
klay turning around in the tunnel and coming back out to shoot free throws had oracle going nuts
Klay turning around in the tunnel and coming back out to shoot free throws had Oracle going nuts.
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