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Deeply concerned by reports of military advances by Iraqi government forces against Kurdish positions near Kirkuk
1- Hey all, today I am on ground in #Kirkuk. @HaraldDoornbos is here too. I'll be tweeting developments live for u. Follow thread. @akhbar
BREAKING: Heavy clashes reported between Iranian backed militia and Kurdish Peshmerga on Kirkuk-Erbil road #Iraq - @RudawEnglish
BREAKING: AP reporters: Iraqi Kurds abandon positions outside Kirkuk airport, civilians fleeing city.
Trump: US "not taking sides" following Iraqi army capture of Kirkuk.

Big green light for Iranian govt.
7- This is #Kirkuk right now. Roads blocked. Very very tensed on the streets. People really angry. @akhbar
#BREAKING Iraq army launches operation to retake Kirkuk province - general says
BREAKING: US military says exchange of fire between Iraqi, Kurdish forces in Kirkuk a "misunderstanding."
20- Everyone here in #Kirkuk is complaining about Iran too. "Why is west allowing Iranians to take over?" @akhbar
The hazards facing BBC crews in war zones: @OrlaGuerin and cameraman @DuncanCStone come under fire in #Kirkuk
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