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My heart is with the Boggs and Roberts family as we mourn @CokieRoberts - these from a trip to remote schools in #Vietnam  where Cokie slogged through mud and rain with me to visit kids who had few people who cared about them. But Cokie always did...

His family says he was happier than ever just “being himself”, after moving to Oceanside for high school. But yesterday, someone stabbed and killed 16-year old Kahseen Morris, over a girl. Kids shot cell phone video instead of helping him. Horrible. @NassauCountyPD  need your help

Hanson says women lie about domestic violence to get kids in Family Court disputes

Hanson says women lie about domestic violence to get kids in Family Court disputes | @canberracamper 

Our kids’ first years go by too fast. So we want to make sure parents who adopt get enough time off to care for their kids. That means an extra $7,000 for the average family who adopts a child.

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SO SAD: A missing mom and her 4 missing kids have all been found dead. Investigators say they believe the woman's husband murdered his family at their home in Florida, then stored the bodies in the home and in his van before taking them to rural Georgia.

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@urbaninstitute  …where we’re the only advanced economy without paid family and medical leave? …where 27 million kids are left out of the full Child Tax Credit?

Cancer steals childhood. A wish brings it back. Wish kid Shore’s mom said, “[the wish] was a healing moment for us as a family.” #Donate  $25 now to help more kids like Shore: 🎗 #ChildhoodCancerAwareness  #Cancer  #ChildhoodCancer 

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Beyonce offers a rare glimpse inside her family life with husband Jay-Z and three kids Blue, Rumi and Sir in new Lion King documentary

Need family night meal ideas? Ratatouille paired with roast chicken pieces is a classic combination that even your kids will devour! Click here for the recipe:

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One of the reasons I fight for Medicare for All is because I believe we all share a common humanity. If your family is in pain, so is mine. If your kids are hurting, that affects me as well. We are a better nation than one that simply leaves the poor, sick and unlucky to die.

Chile's socialist Allende government was overthrown by a bloody CIA-backed coup 46 years ago today. My parents in Sheffield took in a Chilean refugee family: Sylvia - who tragically killed herself - and her kids Scarlett and Alejandro. I want to find them: please RT to help me!

“I’m doing what I feel is right for my family, and that’s to support my kids." D-Wade responds to getting criticism for going to Miami Pride to support his son (via @Variety )

So sorry to hear the news about Chester Bennington. Sending so much luv, strength & light to his family, kids & @linkinpark  ohana.

Shocked that huge numbers of people would try to game the system.🙄 No wonder why dems don’t want rapid DNA testing. Rapid DNA testing reveals a THIRD of migrants faked family relationship with kids

Fans can say shit about a mans family, wife, & kids.. Tell a player “Get down on your knees like your use to.” As men, what do you expect us to do? Shut up & dribble? No one is held accountable for their actions except for us. Fans are protected in every way possible but not us.

In the past two months there have been 538 fraudulent family units apprehended at the Southern border—adults who illegally crossed our border with kids who are not their own in an attempt to enter our country.

FACT: Under the Republican plan, a single mother making minimum wage with two kids would get only a $75 tax credit. Meanwhile, a family making $500k with two kids would get a $4,000 tax credit. #TaxDebate 

Praying for these kids and there family's in d.c and around the world. We gotta be more safe. Protect our kids. There the future

Hey : watch this. Watch as a man who came here as a child is forced to say goodbye to his 2 kids and wife. Watch as all he has ever known is taken away from him. Watch as this family is torn apart. This is heartbreaking. This is wrong.