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Some key decisions by the Govt of India: 1. All state govts will provide temporary shelters+food to poor people and migrant labourers. 2. Wages of the labourers will be paid by their employers without any deduction. 3. Landlords will not ask for the rent from labourers.

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PMO creates 10 empowered groups to fight #COVID19 . Take a look at the government’s key decisions to fight #coronavirus  #Newstrack  with @rahulkanwal  LIVE

The ventilator designed by the #MIT  students included a key component called bag-valve resuscitator or the Ambu bag. #CoronaUpdate 

The probability that each one of us will catch the Corona Virus at some point in time is very high. The key is in how to give your body the best chance 2 fight off the infection. Lockdown merely postpone the day 4 a short while & help Govt. cope. U have 2 help yourself.

When I write my book on this crisis, a key point in the narrative will be when I struck a nerve with some viewers and at least one colleague on Feb 28. I said on air things could get rough, people should be sell some stock for a cash cushion. Seems so obvious now #CoronavirusUSA 

A new self-filmed series on BBC One Wales will follow people in #Wales  during these unprecedented times. Whether you’re in lockdown or a key worker, we'd like to hear from you. Find out how to take part:

Coronavirus: Combating community transmission the key to keeping numbers as low as possible

New Informative Report of Physics Engine Software Top Key Players are Project Chrono, Havok, IBM, myPhysicsLab, PhysX, Box2D, BeamNG, Bullet, and PhysicsJS - Skyline Gazette


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Republicans in North Carolina used a 9/11 memorial to trick Democrats into missing a key vote

Here are my takeaways: Trump’s lawyers cannot, and did not, defend him on the facts. Their defense has evolved to this: he did it, so what? His lawyers strengthened our case that the Senate must hear from Bolton. A fair trial requires key witnesses. Will America have one?

As soon as Perez leaves the big brother house they need to put him in a mental institution and throw away the key !! Poor guys lost the plot

Excited to share that my new fragrance, The Key Collector’s Edition is here. Check it out @Target 

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Democrats forgot two key things: facts and fairness.

#Kai from @weareoneEXO  stars in the new #GucciEyewar  campaign for Fall Winter 2019. Wearing key shades designed by #AlessandroMichele , #Kai  is captured by cult filmmaker and photographer #HarmonyKorine . #GucciFW19