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Kevin Hart says Thank you, Next..
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I stand in solidarity with Kevin Hart and with every comedian who is now deleting all of their old tweets.
Kevin Hart on Cole and Kendrick's success.
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BREAKING: Kevin Hart says he has stepped down as Oscars host following an outcry over previous anti-gay tweets by the comedian.
Nick Cannon Defends Kevin Hart By Posting Old Homophobic Tweets from Female Comedians
The Oscars wanted Kevin Hart to host to avoid the whole “Oscars so white” hashtags this year.. like “look we got Kevin Hart”.. but then they try to control the black man by giving him an ultimatum to apologize about tweets he made years ago.. proving that “Oscars so white”
Who else caught a drunk Kevin Hart on NFL Network?
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Way to make an entrance, Kevin Hart! #NBAStyle
Lonzo: “That’s Kevin Hart! Yeah, he’s always at the games."

Donovan Mitchell: “Nah, not at our games!”

😂😂😂 (via )
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Drake and Kevin Hart will be the coaches for the Canada and USA teams at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.
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