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Kerala: Thalassery POCSO court sentences Catholic priest Robin Vadakkumchery to 20 years rigorous imprisonment for raping&impregnating a minor girl in Kannur. He has been sent to 60 yrs rigorous imprisonment in 3 charges including rape. He can serve all the 3 sentences together.
To the UDF and LDF I say:

Do not under estimate the BJP Karyakarta.

Your taunts & your violence cannot break the morale of the BJP Karyakarta.

You should see what happened in Tripura.

What happened in Tripura, will happen in Kerala!
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All AAP MLAs, MPs and ministers donating one month salary for Kerala
If a Hindu sadhu is even alleged of putting his hand on a girl’s shoulder as was the case of Asaram Bapu he gets life imprisonment even if it not rape as per FIR, why a Kerala Catholic Bishop is not even sent to judicial custody even though he brutally rapes a Nun 13 times?
Leaving for Kerala to take stock of the flood situation in the state.
Everyone in Kerala, please be safe and stay indoors as much as you can. Hope the situation recovers soon. Also, thanking the Indian army and NDRF for their incredible support in this critical condition. Stay strong and stay safe.
The people of Kerala have always been and are still part of our success story in the UAE. We have a special responsibility to help and support those affected, especially during this holy and blessed days
Shocking that Kerala ruling party goondaism has reached a point where even a peaceful MP Murlidharan’s and that of a RSS adhikari’s homes were ravaged in a savage manner. Need Kerala needs President’s Rule for six months
I look forward to visiting Kerala tomorrow. I would be in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram for various programmes.

The Kollam bypass on NH-66 would be inaugurated. This project improve the traffic situation and enhance connectivity.
I am shocked to learn that nearly 2000 people, men and women,were arrested by the Police of Kerala Left Front Government in Sabarimalai temple complex and have not been let off yet!! Section 144 IPC violations are trivial and these 2000 must have been let off the same evening.
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