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Newly discovered Kepler-452b is first near-Earth-size planet in 'habitable zone' around a sun-like star. @NASAKepler
Kepler-452b, Earth’s bigger, older cousin in 'habitable zone' around sun-like star @NASAKepler
4 months
For the first time, eight planets have been found orbiting a distant star, Kepler-90, 2,545 light-years from Earth, NASA announces
A Kepler's Dozen: Small Habitable Zone Planets - Kepler-452b makes a dozen!
Tatooine? No, it's Kepler-16b, a world with a double sunset. #MayThe4thBeWithYou @NASAKepler
A world sharing many characteristics with Earth is found by #Kepler telescope
RT for a chance to win a Max Kepler signed holiday card! #SignatureHoliday
Two homers including a #walkoff.

Not a bad afternoon for Max Kepler.
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