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I took a photo with and worked with Harvey on several occasions before his abuse was known to me and the rest of the world. Since his being exposed, his company and career have rightfully been destroyed and he's been indicted. Sounds like something that should happen to R Kelly
This shutdown is not about the wall. It's about the wallet. And it's more proof that the great American middle class is disappearing faster than R. Kelly's Facebook friends.
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I am pleased to announce that Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management & Budget, will be named Acting White House Chief of Staff, replacing General John Kelly, who has served our Country with distinction. Mick has done an outstanding job while in the Administration....
John Kelly: Trump wants "everything out"


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The list of foreign customers at Trump properties
R. Kelly Dropped by Sony Music
Future weighs in on R. Kelly: "Who is that?"
"Trump told then-White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and then-Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney that he did not want a single dollar going to Puerto Rico...instead, he wanted more of the money to go to Texas and Florida."
John Kelly is one of a long list of failed & incompetent Trump appointees that served in a dysfunctional White House. Kelly leaves with a cloud over his head because of the lie that he told on Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. He refused to apologize. Leaves WH in disgrace.
BREAKING: R. Kelly is officially under criminal investigation
"Trump told [Kelly] and [Mulvaney] that he did not want a single dollar going to Puerto Rico, because he thought the island was misusing the money and taking advantage of the government..."
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