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As @Keir_Starmer has made clear, Labour will oppose the @Conservatives' undemocratic power grab Bill, which threatens rights and protections
It is time for @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @Keir_Starmer to call out the Brexit car crash for what it is. Undoable without massive damage to UK
"Nothing in the human rights act gets in the way of tackling terrorism...this is a diversion," says Labour's Keir Starmer #r4today
Here’s @Keir_Starmer's response to today’s Supreme Court #Brexitruling. Watch and share this ↓
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DD has very short memory! Keir Starmer absolutely right. Tories were bragging about how easy #Brexit would be. Now look at state of talks...
So we now have two parties putting perceived party interest ahead of belief in what is right for the country. Bad politics. Bad decision. And it will help Labour lose not win - Keir Starmer: ‘We cannot allow Labour to break apart over Brexit’
This is as damaging for @Keir_Starmer and Labour's official #Brexit vision as for @DavidDavisMP and the government
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