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As @Keir_Starmer has made clear, Labour will oppose the @Conservatives' undemocratic power grab Bill, which threatens rights and protections
"There is no way we would vote for a no deal. That would be catastrophic" - @Keir_Starmer tells #bbcsp
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"Nothing in the human rights act gets in the way of tackling terrorism...this is a diversion," says Labour's Keir Starmer #r4today
DD has very short memory! Keir Starmer absolutely right. Tories were bragging about how easy #Brexit would be. Now look at state of talks...
Here’s @Keir_Starmer's response to today’s Supreme Court #Brexitruling. Watch and share this ↓
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"We need to move on," says shadow #Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, who is in Brussels for talks to break deadlock
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.@Keir_Starmer says Lab EU policy = values of solidarity, internationalism + belief we achieve more together than we do apart. Er?EU anyone?
Shadow DexEU Sec @Keir_Starmer tells #newsnight today's Brexit talks were a "serious failure"
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