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"Nothing in the human rights act gets in the way of tackling terrorism...this is a diversion," says Labour's Keir Starmer #r4today
Here’s @Keir_Starmer's response to today’s Supreme Court #Brexitruling. Watch and share this ↓
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This is as damaging for @Keir_Starmer and Labour's official #Brexit vision as for @DavidDavisMP and the government
Keir Starmer: “You can’t start a campaign tattooing ‘strong and stable’ on your forehead, then U-turn on your manifesto four days later."
The Human Right act did not stop me from prosecuting terrorists - @Keir_Starmer @BBCr4today
Keir Starmer: UK human rights law does not prevent capture of terrorists
Labour to guarantee unilaterally rights of EU nationals in UK in manifesto - @Keir_Starmer speech tomorrow
"Let's be honest about this election," says Keir Starmer - a new Tory government "will not be able to resist" destroying workers' rights
'Hard Brexit is off the table': Keir Starmer vows to block Theresa May's plans
Brexit talks likely to be handled more sensibly under Corbyn.He wouldn't set out to be 'bloody difficult,'but just let Keir Starmer sort it.
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