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Ian Murray stressed the party would need to win at least 10 if not nearer 20 Scottish seats in its largest ever landslide victory to put Keir Starmer into Downing St.

Keir Starmer urges Government to 'stop the excuses' after review into BAME coronavirus deaths delayed

Labour leader Keir Starmer has said the Government should "stop the excuses" and publish a delayed report into the impact of Covid-19 on people from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

What are the biggest challenges for the Labour Party under Keir Starmer?

what’s fascinating about this is that Keir Starmer has rejected calls for the transition period to be extended - different messages for different audiences?

Which of the following do you think would make the best Prime Minister? (29-30 May) Boris Johnson 37% (-2 since 25-26 May) Keir Starmer 32% (+5) Neither 28% (-1)

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Could Keir Starmer become a populist politician? Don't bet against it, says Steven Fielding

Labour 2.0? Lord Mandelson says Keir Starmer taking same path as Blair & New Labour @UKLabour 


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I've read the Mail on Sunday 'story' twice so that you don't have to. Keir Starmer bought a field behind his parents' house in 1996 so his late mother could care for rescue donkeys. That's it. That's the story. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so emblematic of our broken media.

The prime minister, verbatim, trying to answer a question from Keir Starmer this week. Quoted by Matthew Parris in the Times this morning.

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"If I were Prime Minister, I would have sacked Cummings." Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for an investigation into accusations Dominic Cummings broke lockdown rules, saying Boris Johnson is "treating the British public with contempt." More:

Congratulations to @Keir_Starmer , the new Leader of the Labour Party! #LabourLeadership 

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"Do you want to leave the chamber?" Sir Lindsay Hoyle tells off Matt Hancock for speaking over Keir Starmer'>Sir Keir Starmer at #PMQs  "I don't mind you advising the prime minister, but you don't need to advise the opposition" Live updates:

Top PMQs tip for Boris: if Keir Starmer says government guidance said something, best to work on the assumption that it did

Keir Starmer needs to be careful here - if he keeps exposing Boris Johnson this painfully, the Govt will boycott him too. #pmqs 

Six, forensic, fact-based, important questions from Keir Starmer to the PM, asked in a courteous manner. The PM did not always give full and proper answers. But one thing clear in the waffle: we stopped track and trace March 12 because we simply didn’t have the testing capacity.

There’s a horribly inappropriate & clearly orchestrated trolling campaign being directed at Keir Starmer by Conservative MPs on here right now. It’s easy to criticise, but it’s actually very considerate of them to remind us what their priorities are at this time.

So this happened. The Conservative Party took an interview from @GMB  this morning. They edited it to add on the last shot in which Keir Starmer looks stumped. But that didn't happen. In the original Keir Starmer immediately answered @piersmorgan  's question.