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@PrenitPokhr  @Hello_Sarkarel  He is a reporter with the Kathmandu Post who is sharing a story that was published in the Kathmandu Post. Some of us have actual identities and work unlike your sorry self with a fake name and a fake photo.

Sooner or later, there will come a time when Nepal will have to decide whether Chinese aid is worth compromising on fundamental democratic values. Kathmandu Post Editorial, ahead of Xi Jinping’s Nepal visit tomorrow

While Nepal is not new to parties in power criticising voices of dissent, never has a ruling party been so weak in controlling its own cadre engaging in violent and suppressive attacks. Today's Kathmandu Post editorial

Tomorrow’s Kathmandu Post will come with plenty of spices and a whole goat. You know the deal - 5 rupees!

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Nepal's ruling party says it wants to learn from Xi Jinping Thought because the country's end goal is the same as China's. What's Xi's end goal and what could new ties between the two ruling Communist parties mean? Mine today, in the Kathmandu Post

Blueprint for consolidating power: China exports Xi Jinping Thought to Nepal | The Kathmandu Post

Training programme on Xi Jinping Thought by Nepal’s ruling party raises concern among opposition leaders | The Kathmandu Post

Nepal’s constitution continues to alienate many while even the progressive provisions remain unimplemented. Today’s Kathmandu Post editorial —

When Kathmandu gets hungry at late night, this delivery service comes to rescue: Bhok Lagyo will soon be operating its business 24 hours a day, says co-owner Abhishek Gurung. Kathmandu Post Taja Update Lava Prasad kafle Lava Kafle Instagram lava...


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Today’s Kathmandu Post Editorial: India’s move on Kashmir—and its defense that it is “an internal matter” —is ironic because this is the same administration that imposed a blockade on Nepal, arguing that the new constitution failed marginalised Madhesis.

Kathmandu Post Editorial on #MemeNepal  and #FreePraneshGautam — In the short-term, Pranesh Gautam must be immediately released, and in the longer term, the Electronic Transaction Act itself must be rethought and amended.

Kathmandu Post is looking for editorial interns. Interns, unlike in the past, won't be asked to fetch tea and tobacco for the editors—they will write and report on topics ranging from Chhakka Panja to Chakka Jam. Please spread the word.

A lot of interest—and rightly so—on how these massive jackets ads came about in all national dailies today. Here's who sponsored these ads: Kantipur + Kathmandu Post: Ncell Rajdhani: Sanima Bank Himalayan Times: Nabil Bank Annapurna Post: IME Group Naya Patrika: Global IME Bank

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Nirmala Pant’s sister, Manisha, pastes a poster in Mahendranagar, demanding justice for her sister. Photo: Bhawani Bhatta/Kathmandu Post

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Kathmandu exodus may reach 300,000 as residents flee post-earthquake chaos

Kathmandu airport shut post earthquake; flights diverted to India (Image: Reuters)

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