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The convergence of the Khalistanis & Kashmiris is a very worrisome development: @CChristineFair , Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor, Georgetown, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT SPECIAL EDITION. | #ModiTrumpDosti 

Kashmiris Sue Modi in U.S. Court as Trump Prepares to Appear with Indian PM at Texas Rally

“For Kashmiris, the triumphalism in the rest of the country was a final blow in a long series of betrayals and humiliations at the hands of the Indian state that have eroded Kashmir’s constitutional and political identity.” ~ @pbmehta 

"India has long failed to make the promise of democracy alluring to Kashmiris. But the actions of this government make it even more unlikely that Kashmir will easily accept New Delhi’s rule."

“We will fight for the freedom of Kashmiris till the last drop of blood,” the PTI Balochistan Secretary-General Bari Barech said while addressing the protesters.

Kashmiris'>Common Kashmiris are rejoicing in their heart about the Centre's move to scrap #Article370  ; people will soon come out and say that whatever has happened is in their best interest: Union minister @DrJitendraSingh  said in MumbaiPhotos: @DrJitendraSingh 

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Local officials say that at least 2,000 Kashmiris – business leaders, human rights defenders, lawmakers, teachers, and students as young as 14 – have been rounded up in one of the biggest mass arrests of civilian leaders in decades carried out by India

I don’t have a view whether Kashmir should be part of India, Pakistan, or independent. That should be left to the Kashmiris. I do have a view on Kashmiris being shot, blinded, sexually assaulted, illegally detained, & cut off from the world - it’s an outrage. #StandwithKashmir 

Article 370 never gave Kashmiris freedom. It only created selfish leaders who created a terror filled society and robbed Kashmiri youth of opportunity. It is finally time for it to go. Anyone objects, tell them loudly: One Country, One System. #Article370  #OneCountryOneSystem 

I remain strongly critical of the Govt's actions on Kashmir, but the West Bank analogy is wrong: at the UN,Kashmir is not “occupied territory" but“disputed territory,” &part of India since 1947; also Kashmiris have Indian citizenship, unlike Palestinians living in the West Bank.

There are some decisions, which when taken, evoke the reaction “Why couldn’t this have happened earlier?” Today’s decision falls in that category. It’s time for us all to embrace Kashmiris as an indistinguishable & inseparable part of our national community.

What is going on in J&K? Why would leaders be arrested overnight while having done no wrong? If Kashmiris are our citizens &their leaders our partners, surely the mainstream ones must be kept on board while we act against terrorists & separatists? If we alienate them, who’s left?

India now needs to break this mental barrier between Kashmiris and non Kashmiris.All are equal citizens of India.Govt should abolish Article 370&35A and open J&K to rest of India.I want to make a home there and live and so would millions of Indians from other states. #Solution 

The Disintegration of Pak into 4 is very much the agenda. The Pakis do not know how to govern and are treating Baluchis Sindhi and Pakhtoonis as slaves. Pakis heart broken that Kashmiris did not revolt during the last one week

I am getting an avalanche of thanks from Kashmiris for the decisive action of the Namo govt. Credit however belongs to all patriots. I had merely verbalised on TV their feelings.

Terrorist attack on #AmarnathYatra  is a direct attack on INDIA and its secularism.These terrorists can never be the wellwishers of Kashmiris