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Jordan Veasy, the WR who caught the viral deep ball at Kap’s workout, got signed to the Redskins practice squad. ◽️Met Kap in class years ago ◽️Undrafted in 2018 ◽️Cut by four teams ◽️Reached out about workout ◽️Went viral ◽️Met with Browns ◽️Signed by Washington (via @Sam4TR )

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Jordan Veasy, the receiver that caught this deep ball from Kap, was just signed by the Redskins. He gave credit to Kap’s workout. Story:

My thoughts on Kap not getting signed (2/2)

This is rich. One of the receivers at Kaepernick’s workout gets a job but Kap doesn’t.

My thoughts on Kap not getting signed (1/2)

Roger Goodell reportedly spent months preparing the workout for free agent Colin Kaepernick. Kap wasn't informed about the event until the week it was scheduled to take place:

As I've actually reported, the very person who gave Kap the idea to kneel was a soldier -- a 10-year veteran of the U.S. army -- who disagreed with his politics but thought it'd be a respectful way for Kap to silently protest police violence.

Kap should be on the next flight to Detroit.

Is this the end of the road for Kap? No #NFL  teams have reached out to Colin Kaepernick since the former Niners QB held a private workout to attract interest, according to sources.


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"Ball is in their court, we're ready to go.” Kap addressed the media after his workout 🙏 (via @DanWolken )

Footage of Kap's workout 👀 Still got that big arm. (via @JRSportBrief )

NFL confirms the following teams will attend Kap’s workout: ➖Patriots ➖Dolphins ➖Broncos ➖Lions ➖Cardinals ➖Falcons ➖Browns ➖Giants ➖Jets ➖Bucs ➖Redskins More expected to come, too 👀 @brgridiron 

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OBJ pulled up with Kap’s jersey before they put some work in together ✊ @brgridiron  (via @Kaepernick7 )

Kap and Eric Reid today after settling lawsuit against NFL

🗣“You boys all cap, I'm more Colin KaepernickWait, did Madden bleep out Kap? 🤔 (via @jeanclervil )

Can someone pass this video onto the NFL and explain ; this is why Kap took a knee during the Anthem?

A lying ,drunk,lazy, druggie, getting calls, but Kap isn't ? Ppl ,keep telling yourself it's because Kap can't play. Y'all tickle me.