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Last few shows have been amazing, thank you everyone for being there. Kansas City you were so nice tonight. Thanks for having us. H
Let's have a big one tonight Kansas !! Gonna be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick !!
CCTV footage shows Jimmy John's​ sandwich shop employee calmly reacting to being robbed at gunpoint in Kansas City.
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Kansas State student had Kit Kat stolen from his car. Hershey execs saw note, filled his Camry with 6,500 Kit Kats
'I did what was right': Ian Grillot was shot as he jumped to the defence of two Indian men in a bar in Kansas, USA
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Kansas students: 1
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The widow of the Indian man murdered in Kansas in February anti-immigrant hate crime now faces deportation from US.
Reminder: This is Kansas' first appearance in the NCAA Tournament without Perry Ellis since 1952*.

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