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Kamala Harris just told Nicolle Wallace that she believes lying Trump lawyer Cippollone is lying simply to force Schiff and the House #ImpeachmentManagers  to use up their limited time having to debunk the lies. It's outrageous and despicable. #ImpeachmentTrial 

Democratic senators with trial experience include Tim Kaine, Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse, Patrick Leahy and Kamala HarrisRepublicans include John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Josh Hawley and Lindsey Graham

“You know, a year ago our friend from Texas was going to be the president — Beto,” said Sanders’ top political adviser, Jeff Weaver, referring to former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke. “Kamala Harris was going to be president, and on and on and on.”

This gets to the heart of what concerned me the most with Kamala Harris’s pitch, as well. Writes @AsteadWH  of black voters, “Plans and rhetoric are one thing, but to trust a candidate to deliver — or the government at all — is entirely another.”

This @kimguilfoyle  piece doesn't mention that she too was fired by a newly-elected DA (the just-deceased Terence Hallinan, who himself was defeated by Kamala Harris) in what was ~largely~ interpreted as a political purge. San Francisco, man.

Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris’ conflicting styles reflect the Democratic Party’s quandary: How can they help build the case against Trump to benefit their party politically, while fulfilling their duty as jurors?

Such a FAKE! WATCH Kamala Harris laugh it up about impeachment before realizing she’s live on the air

Biden's attack on the open Internet is far from the only one we've seen lately. Kamala Harris' record in California and in the Senate demonstrates a fundamental disdain for freedom of expression as well.


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Kamala Harris was born in Oakland. Her mother was Tamil Indian; her father was born in Jamaica. Birtherism is racism, full stop. You don’t need to support Harris for the Presidency. But if you are black and buying into this, you are aiding and abetting.

Maybe it’s not the campaign manager... just saying. 🤔 Kamala Harris, polling at 3 percent, hearing calls for campaign manager's resignation

Kamala Harris was for locking up non-violent offenders for a looooong time, before she was against it. Don’t be fooled, it took a Republican President to pass the FIRST STEP ACT!

Sen. Kamala Harris just torched Trump’s DHS Secretary over her racist dogwhistling

Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter Friday that Michael Brown was “murdered” by a “white” policeman in Ferguson, Mo. This is an absolute whopper and obviously does nothing to calm racial tension in this country. Yet it’s gotten almost no coverage.

Kamala Harris is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest senator

I’m wondering if still wants ? Will she b #JusticeForJussie  as vocal about it now or has she moved on? Kamala Harris: Attack on Jussie Smollett was ‘modern day lynching’

Sen. Kamala Harris has an issue w/ my commentary where I criticized her for saying there's a perception that #ICE  is somehow akin to the KKK. She claims Fox is using distortion tactics & that Fox is manufacturing outrage. No Senator, YOU ARE! #TrishRegan  #TrishIntel 

CNN’s Jim Acosta has turned down my invitation to appear on my radio show, joining a long list of no shows over the years, including:Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Jon Stewart, et al.