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I hope that everyone in America never forgets that Kamala Harris tried to ruin Brett Kavanaugh and his family. She is now running for president. How would the Democrats feel if the same tactics were used against her? #MAGA  #Trump  #WalkAway  #KeepAmericaGreat 

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Kamala Harris' health plan has fueled criticism that she's putting political calculation ahead of true conviction

Kamala Harris is Elizabeth Warren’s closest rival among women, though women’s support for both candidates splits along racial lines. Black women have always preferred Harris, and white women prefer Warren.

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Opinion: Why Bernie Sanders' recent attacks on Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are a very bad idea

#TheFinal5 is taking the night off, but please watch Siraj Hashmi explain to me why buying Greenland may not be a crazy idea, what's going on with the economy, and what's happened to Kamala Harris' poll numbers. See you Friday!

Here's a look at Kamala Harris' dual roles and her "mixed record" on the death penalty


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Both Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter Friday that Michael Brown was “murdered” by a “white” policeman in Ferguson, Mo. This is an absolute whopper and obviously does nothing to calm racial tension in this country. Yet it’s gotten almost no coverage.

...even ignored by most of the Democratic Party-press.  AOC also accused Pelosi of racism last week, as Kamala Harris accused Biden of racism during the Democrat Party debate.

Kamala Harris was for locking up non-violent offenders for a looooong time, before she was against it. Don’t be fooled, it took a Republican President to pass the FIRST STEP ACT!

Sen. Kamala Harris just torched Trump’s DHS Secretary over her racist dogwhistling

The last two minutes in summary: Swalwell: Biden, you are old. Gimmie the torch. Biden: You try to take this torch from my cold dead hands. Bernie: YELLING [Everyone starts yelling] Kamala Harris: I will take the torch, now. Thanks. [silence]

Is this some kind of whole new level of #woke  thing @KamalaHarris ⁩??? One Day After Announcing Wage Gap Plan, Report Shows Men Are Paid More Than Women in Kamala HarrisOffice

Kamala Harris was born in Oakland. Her mother was Tamil Indian; her father was born in Jamaica. Birtherism is racism, full stop. You don’t need to support Harris for the Presidency. But if you are black and buying into this, you are aiding and abetting.

I’m wondering if still wants ? Will she b #JusticeForJussie  as vocal about it now or has she moved on? Kamala Harris: Attack on Jussie Smollett was ‘modern day lynching’

Sen. Kamala Harris has an issue w/ my commentary where I criticized her for saying there's a perception that #ICE  is somehow akin to the KKK. She claims Fox is using distortion tactics & that Fox is manufacturing outrage. No Senator, YOU ARE! #TrishRegan  #TrishIntel 

CNN’s Jim Acosta has turned down my invitation to appear on my radio show, joining a long list of no shows over the years, including:Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Jon Stewart, et al.