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Taliban targeted innocent Afghans, brave police in Kabul today. Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims, and first responders. We will not allow the Taliban to win!
Heart's heavy with news of reporters killed in Kabul. Please think of those who died today, their families and colleagues. Think of the countless more who continue to die in Afghanistan, especially the locals who have nowhere else to go. Journalism is vital to truth.
Another Ramadan tragedy: At least 80 people are dead after a massive explosion in Kabul.
I will turn my lights off tonight, at midnight, to pay tribute to the victims of the Kabul attack. #EiffelTower
Our thoughts are with Kabul, where a suicide attack killed 61 and wounded at least 200
#UPDATE Agence France-Presse's chief photographer in Kabul, Shah Marai, has been killed.
He died in a blast that was targeting a group of journalists who had rushed to the scene of a suicide attack in the Afghan capital
Three young girls walking down the street in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1972.
We strongly condemn the heinous terrorist attack today on a Shia shrine in Kabul & condole loss of innocent lives.
We strongly condemn the terrorist blast in Kabul. Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with the injured.
VIDEO: A selection of photos by AFP chief photographer in Kabul Shah Marai, who was killed when two suicide blasts ripped through the city on Monday
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