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Nandita Das says Kabir Singh’s success ‘is indicative of societal numbness, apathy and brutal celebration of misogyny’

"The millennials’ attraction to Kabir is not out of keeping with what we know about their beliefs: Kabir stood for social justice and wrote verses castigating the ill treatment of the poor and vulnerable," writes Kalpana Jain.

“Listen, my friend. He who loves understands.” ― #Kabir 

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OPINION: "Women and girls, and all young people, should be able to enjoy healthy and respectful relationships without fear of judgment, coercion and violence" says Kabir Singh l #WomensRights  @UNESCO 

NSA Hamdullah Mohib met with Pakistan’s ISI chief Faiz Hameed and Foreign Secretary Suhail Mahmood & discussed “efforts to normalize Afghan-Pak relations” & “formation of a technical committee to solve the problems of Afghan market in Peshawar,” NSA spokesman Kabir Haqmal tweeted

"He's a really good player with post moves and he can shoot it and do whatever with the ball. He can still dribble it. Once he gets the ball in the post, it's over for the defender," senior Kabir Mohammed said.

After 'Kabir Singh', Shahid Slips Into A New 'Jersey'. See Prep Pic

#Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God? He is the breath inside the breath c iznhir

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The day started like this...we were headed out of the base to our Turkish bakery for breakfast and we saw this man standing exhausted by how far he’d gone up the hill so far. He spoke no English, and showed Kabir he…


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He is ok with others judging him. He stands by himself. He stands tall. Yet he nods a greet, cause he still has compassion for the ones judging him. . Kabir’s thoughts when he sees Nafisa. . K.A.B.I.R #DecodingKabir 

Yes, you will be attacked. Yes, the enemies will try to tarnish your reputation with lies. But you're alive to fight for your ideas. As the great Indian poet Kabir said: "Just throw away all menacing thoughts, and stand firm."

What about the war within? There is no war within . But then the look in his eyes gives it all away . . K.A.B.I.R Kabir' alt='DecodingKabir' /'>#DecodingKabir 

You’ll keep beating him down N yet there he sits, on his throne. He owns this space This is his party And you were actually invited. Now beat him again . Go on I dare you . . K.A.B.I.R Kabir' alt='DecodingKabir' /'>#DecodingKabir 

‘Beyond this place of wrath and tears , looms but the horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years, finds, and shall find me unafraid.’ . He had heard these lines somewhere. It stuck with him . . . K.A.B.I.R Kabir' alt='DecodingKabir' /'>#DecodingKabir 

If he looks at you do not make eye contact. Just stay safe. . K.A.B.I.R Kabir' alt='DecodingKabir' /'>#DecodingKabir 

He loves it. Staring at the giant like a bigger giant. He knows the giant knows he’s not a giant. But he also knows that the giant is not really sure. K.A.B.I.R. Kabir' alt='DecodingKabir' /'>#DecodingKabir 

We remain forever inspired by the life, thoughts and ideals of Kabir Das Ji'>Sant Kabir Das Ji. His message of justice, equality and inclusiveness is reflected in the working of our Government. Tributes to him on his Jayanti.