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A young man was attacked with a K-9 and tasered after he was stopped by police while mowing lawns.
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Police dept. conducts photo shoot with their very good K-9 recruits.
Happy birthday, K-9!
The Doctor's faithful friend made his debut 40 years ago today!
A heartbreaking farewell for a beloved K-9 officer who served his community & provided joy to those who loved him.
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Purple Heart awarded to K-9 officer Tess, who was injured after running into the line of fire while on duty
The Fort Lauderdale Police Department tweeted this photo of an officer and his K-9 getting some rest together during Hurricane Irma
Indiana conservation officer had trouble posing for his staff photo because his K-9 partner kept licking his face.
Trump 8/22 on Kim: "I believe he is starting to respect us"
North Korea 8/29: Fires missile over Japan
N.K. 9/3: Possible NUCLEAR test
A #Missouri police dog was gifted a K-9 ballistic vest during a "Dogtoberfest" celebration.
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