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A young man was attacked with a K-9 and tasered after he was stopped by police while mowing lawns.
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Police dept. conducts photo shoot with their very good K-9 recruits.
Indiana conservation officer had trouble posing for his staff photo because his K-9 partner kept licking his face.
Happy birthday, K-9!
The Doctor's faithful friend made his debut 40 years ago today!
Get you someone who looks at you the way this K-9 looks at his deputy.😍😍

(Photo: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)
The Fort Lauderdale Police Department tweeted this photo of an officer and his K-9 getting some rest together during Hurricane Irma
Sandy Koufax before his 30th birthday: 356 games, 2.93 ERA, 9.3 K/9 IP, 138-78 W-L.
Clayton Kershaw before his 30th birthday: 292 games, 2.36 ERA, 9.9 K/9 IP, 144-64 W-L.
K-9 TAKEDOWN: Police in California have arrested a man wanted for assaulting a police officer after he carjacked a woman and hit at least one other vehicle during a pursuit - KNBC
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Give Me Paw

A Marine greets his military working dog with a handshake during a K-9 demonstration at @yuma_mcas.
K-9 comfort dogs are helping families of victims, survivors, students, faculty and first responders after the deadly school shooting in Florida. This pup's name is Jacob, and his vest says "Please pet me."
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