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If DT can ban Muslims "until we figure out what the hell is going on," we can block justices "until we figure out what the hell is going on"
#ImVotingBecause Hillary Clinton will nominate justices who will overturn Citizens United and take back our democracy from billionaires.
Ted Cruz talks about the Constitution but doesn't say that if the Dems win the Presidency, the new JUSTICES appointed will destroy us all!
Hopefully the Republican Party can come together and have a big WIN in November, paving the way for many great Supreme Court Justices!
It is so imperative that we have the right justices. #DrainTheSwamp #Debates #BigLeagueTruth
This is highly unusual -- President will have dinner with the Justices of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to the White House
My list of potential U.S. Supreme Court Justices was very well recieved. During the next number of weeks I may be adding to the list!
1 Until Jan. 20, 2017, it's @POTUS' job to nominate Supreme Court justices—it's right there in the Constitution. -H
The next president could appoint up to three Supreme Court justices.

Will they protect Americans' rights, or corporations'? #debate
We can't afford to have a key part of our democracy understaffed. We need nine justices. #DoYourJob
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