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Addressing the media earlier today about our call for justice in the police killing of Mubarak Soulemane in New Haven, CT.

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U.S. state AGs, Justice Department officials to meet and coordinate on Google probe: sources

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The Justice Department's conclusion this month that there was insufficient evidence to justify the last two of four FISA orders targeting Page came as no surprise to @RepMarkMeadows .

Bangladesh ponders possible consequences on the repatriation process against the background of the ruling from the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in relation to provisional measures in the genocide case filed against it by the Gambia

I don’t even know what to say man. The words won’t do justice. I can only pray for the comfort of your friends and loved ones. I was honored to have you as a teammate. #teamusa  US#MambaForever  #RIPMAMBA 

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The Wall Street Journal: Meeting may set stage for state, federal Google antitrust probes to merge: State attorneys general will meet with U.S. Justice Department attorneys next week to share information on their respective probes of Alphabet… MARKETWATCH

Trump should be hauled before a federal judge over threat against Adam Schiff: Justice Department'>Ex-Justice Department counsel

The intersection of progressive social justice and fandom is confusing right now. Feel how you feel, be empathetic, but remember your values. 💜

UPDATE 1-U.S. state AGs, Justice Dept officials to meet and coordinate on Google probe- source via Reuters#news  #reuters 

Protest in Juarez demanding justice for murdered Juarez artist and activist


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Last week, every senator swore to "do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws" in the president's impeachment trial. Last night, Republican senators cast vote after vote to block evidence and testimony. The American people deserve a real trial, not a cover-up.

This week, the Justice Department determined that the lies that were peddled about me, my family, & @ClintonFdn  are without merit. I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone that stuck with us while we continued to focus on the work. Let’s keep going.

There are no words that can do justice to this tragedy. BTS loves #LasVegas  and our #USA  family who are in our hearts today. #prayforvegas 

‘This is a miscarriage of justice’ — Rodney Reed was convicted and sentenced to death for murder by an all-white jury despite having a solid alibi. With just weeks left until his execution date, experts and witnesses still believe he’s innocent

We can never truly repay the debt we owe our fallen heroes. But we can remember them, honor their sacrifice, and affirm in our own lives those enduring ideals of justice, equality, and opportunity for which generations of Americans have given that last full measure of devotion.

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With more protests planned for today, June 30, I send my ❤️ and I pray for the safety of the Sudanese people. They have a right to speak out and demand peace, justice and a transition to civilian rule. Over 100 were killed & hundreds more were wounded during the June 3rd protests

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Dr. King was 26 when the Montgomery bus boycott began. He started small, rallying others who believed their efforts mattered, pressing on through challenges and doubts to change our world for the better. A permanent inspiration for the rest of us to keep pushing towards justice.

CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.

I sat through those hearings. Brett Kavanaugh lied to the U.S. Senate and most importantly to the American people. He was put on the Court through a sham process and his place on the Court is an insult to the pursuit of truth and justice. He must be impeached.

Our criminal justice system is profoundly broken and has failed African Americans over and over again.