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What are the chances to catch this China virus if someone sick flying in the same plane? Do we all get the same air? #JustAsking 

If I am a Amazon prime subscriber can I watch the Premier league games ??? #JustAsking 

Have the field umpires turned up for tonite’s T20 match in Delhi? #JustAsking 

Can someone explain how "Get Brexit Done" is compatible with a proposal that revisits it every 4 years? #justasking 

Did the Giants draft Daniel Jones because he's spitting image of Eli? #justasking 

#Einstein is the great grand father of Dale Steyn, right? #JustAsking 

So what does @theresa_may  do ? Is she now a rebel ? Will she be booted out of the Tory Party....... #justasking 

So have people unfollowed @guardian  yet? After its scathing Man vs Wild review? #justasking 


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If performance enhancing drugs are ‘cheating’ for sportspersons, then what are photoshopped images to models and actors? #justasking 

Have we seen similar such pieces from news orgs in the districts of Paul Gosar or Matt Gaetz or Louie Gohmert? #JustAsking 

If the #Kavanaugh  hearings are reopened, shouldn't the Democrats call Prof. Anita Hill as an expert witness? #justasking 

hey, US airlines, do you mind if I bring a little light reading with me onboard? #JustAsking 

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So, fellow journos, does this make him a 'Christian terrorist'? #justasking 

After #chapelhillshooting , will there now be loads of piece re need for atheism to 'reform' & a call for 'moderate' atheists? #justasking 

Am I imagining this or is Kay B asking tougher questions of Ed M, and follow-ups, than she did of David C? #justasking  #BattleForNumber10 

You think Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti finally got the message that everyone in Delhi is an AAMzaada? #justasking 

Given #gaza , and the US resupply of Israeli arms & ammo, is it finally time for Obama to give back that Nobel Peace Prize? #justasking