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Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, including occupied Palestinian territory, is a reckless threat to peace. The British Government must condemn this dangerous act and work for a just and viable settlement of the conflict.
Boy band BTS is now just the second K-Pop act to hit the Hot 100 with a Korean song
GOP just blocked my amendment to protect DREAMers targeted by @POTUS #DACA decision. Expressions of sympathy are meaningless – time to act!
The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!
RT to agree → If you finance or reward terrorism, you don’t deserve a penny from the United States. The House just passed the Taylor Force Act to end foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority until it stops paying terrorists' salaries.
He’s a class act. Just because he doesn’t charge around like a headless chicken he’s seen as lacking commitment. Utter tosh.
Senator (Doctor) Bill Cassidy is a class act who really cares about people and their Health(care), he doesn't lie-just wants to help people!
If you’re just waking up, you should know that 51 Republican US Senators voted at 1AM to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement.
.@BTS_twt just became the most followed Korean act on Twitter!
I just introduced the "No Russia Exemption for Oil Production Act" - the No REX Act. The bill blocks Trump from ever granting Exxon's waiver
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