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Astonishing: NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured this impressive image revealing a band of swirling clouds in Jupiter's northern latitudes during Juno’s close flyby on Nov. 3 Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS

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Jupiter's Great Red Spot — a storm wider than Earth that's been raging for at least 350 years — may not be disappearing after all.

#WorkOfTheDay ] Leda was seduced by Jupiter in the form of a swan. Jean Thierry's Academy diploma piece in 1717 was an unusual one: tragic themes were generally preferred for admission to the Academy. ☛ #Sculptures 

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The planetary goliath Jupiter formed some 3.5 times farther from the Sun than it is now, but its journey inward only took about 700,000 years.

MacArthur fellow StacyJupiter's research on periodic closures to fishing, known as tabu, has led to sustainable fishing practices across the Southwestern Pacific.

NASA’s Juno mission revealed Jupiter’s “fuzzy” core, leading astronomers to theorize the gas giant was smacked by a Uranus-sized planet in its younger days.

From our Sun to the asteroid Bennu to Jupiter, this week's #ICYMI  is full of deep space exploration!

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December 7, 2000 – Jupiter watches over moons Europa and Callisto in an image captured by NASA’s Cassini space probe.

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Although Jupiter is large as planets go, it would need to be about 75 times its current mass to ignite nuclear fusion in its core and become a star.


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Confirmed: there's water vapor present above the icy surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. A research team led from @NASAGoddard  made the detection — which supports the idea that below the ice, Europa has an ingredient necessary for life: liquid water. More:

If we discover alien life forms in the subsurface waters of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa, I wonder if we’d be compelled to call them “Europeans".

After Turkey call I will be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly) with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing even more jobs and companies back to the USA!

I've been scanning my fan mail on Twitter. Love the fact that my fans come from all over the earth, but I'm still waiting to hear from Mars and Jupiter. Excelsior!

Success! Engine burn complete. #Juno  is now orbiting #Jupiter , poised to unlock the planet's secrets.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution, per the Jupiter Police Department

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Engine burn complete and orbit obtained. I’m ready to unlock all your secrets, #Jupiter . Deal with it.

If A Cup Cake Falls From A Tree How Far Away Will It Be From Down. #Jupiter