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Today is Juneteenth, otherwise known as America's second Independence Day. And there's no better time to remember what it means to be free, as the last of the enslaved people, often robbed of their children, finally learned they were on this day in 1865.
#Juneteenth isn't just an obscure black holiday. It should be an national celebration.

Here's why Juneteenth is important for America.
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On #Juneteenth, we honor African-Africans’ emancipation from slavery. We will continue the fight for racial justice.
Archival images of some of the earliest #Juneteenth Celebrations
Celebrating #Juneteenth today – recognizing we've come a long way, but we still got a long way left to go.
For many African Americans, it's even more significant than Independence Day. Here’s why we should make Juneteenth a national holiday.
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#Juneteenth: 153 years ago, Black America got its own Independence Day
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