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2016: Fuck your feelings, snowflakes!

2017: We're triggered by tough talk about our health plan & demand a safe space from "Julius Caesar."
The Trumpcare bill is a lot like Julius Caesar - not going to make it out of the Senate alive! #IdesOfMarch
I dare the Julius Caesar protestors to interrupt Patti LuPone
BTW, there was a production of Julius Caesar in NYC in 2012 where Obama was Caesar and no one freaked out! cc @Delta
Humanity strikes back! Protestors storm Julius Caesar play promoting Trumps death! @DRUDGE_REPORT
'Blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands!' Protesters disrupt 'Julius Caesar'
Delta had no problem with Julius Caesar when the Caesar being killed looked like Obama:
The "nyc play" in question is "Julius Caesar" by a fella named William Shakespeare
#July is named after Julius Caesar, who was born in this month in 100 BC. The Romans called it Quintilis (meaning 5th month) until 44 BC
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