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Lou Dobbs
nike goes dumb julian castro latest idiot democrat to praise nike compares betsy ross flag to confederate flag
Nike Goes Dumb: Julian Castro Latest Idiot Democrat to Praise Nike, Compares Betsy Ross Flag to Confederate Flag... Has NO IDEA She Was an Abolitionist via @gatewaypundit #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs
Joy Reid
first impressions 3 standouts tonight julian castro had a very good night and had the best strategy going in b
First impressions: 3 standouts tonight.

Julian Castro had a very good night and had the best strategy going in (basically, take out Beto)

Booker also had a strong night. But strategically, he may need more.

Warren was solid, and no gloves laid on her, so she had a good night.
NBC Politics
google trends julian castro has spiked 2400 in search since the demdebate started
Google Trends: Julian Castro has spiked +2,400% in search since the #DemDebate started.
The Hill
julian castro nobody has called for open borders that s just a right wing talking point
Julián Castro: "Nobody has called for open borders. That's just a right-wing talking point."
Dan Rather
one last thought how many people think julian castro had a good night
One last thought, how many people think Julian Castro had a good night?
Dave Weigel
not getting a ton of attention today but imo julian castro s answer to a question about s tax talk was strikin
Not getting a ton of attention today, but IMO Julian Castro's answer to a question about 's tax talk was striking.

"George, there was a time in this country where the top marginal tax rate was over 90 percent."

and *woosh* goes the Overton Window.
The New York Times
breaking julian castro the former housing secretary under president obama will run for president in 2020 he s
BREAKING: Julián Castro, the former housing secretary under President Obama, will run for president in 2020. He's one of the most high-profile Latino Democrats ever to seek the nomination.
@CNN 2 weeks
he wants to intimidate immigrant families 2020 candidate julian castro says after pres trump said his administ
“He wants to intimidate immigrant families,” 2020 candidate Julian Castro says after Pres. Trump said his administration plans to launch ICE raids after July 4.

“In 10, 20 years, we’re going to look back on this President and say ‘What in the hell was wrong with that guy?’”
Anderson Cooper 360°
it was julian castro that came out of nowhere says on tonight s nobody was talking about castro he did the tex
"It was [Julián] Castro that came out of nowhere," says @VanJones68 on tonight's #DemDebate. "Nobody was talking about Castro. He did the Texas takedown. Turned around, clocked Beto. You never saw it coming... he bought himself a lifeline and that's why I love these debates."
David Leonhardt
if youve already written or read a piece about howard schultz and youre tempted to do another ask yourself hav
If you’ve already written (or read!) a piece about Howard Schultz and you’re tempted to do another, ask yourself:

Have I written about each of the non-billionaires planning to run? Kirsten Gillibrand? Julian Castro? Pete Buttigieg? Kamala Harris? Elizabeth Warren? ...
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