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Prosecutors in Spain are seeking a three-year prison sentence against the owner of the rural property where a toddler named Julen Roselló died after slipping down a borehole in January. The accident led to a 13-day rescue mission involving over 300 people

Spanish prosecutors have charged the owner of the rural property where Julen Roselló fell to his death down a borehole with reckless homicide. The case attracted international media attention due to the scale of the operation to find the toddler alive

Two-year-old Julen Roselló died from his fall into a borehole in southern Spain, not from an accidental impact from a rescuer's pickaxe, a new medical report shows.

Could Spanish toddler Julen Roselló have been killed by a pick during the efforts to rescue him? That’s what lawyers for the only person accused in the case will argue, claiming that he did not die as a result of injuries sustained during the 70-meter fall

Could Spanish toddler Julen Roselló have been killed by a pick used during the efforts to rescue him, rather than the fall itself into the 110-meter-deep borehole? That's what the lawyers for the owner of the land where the accident happened are arguing

The owner of the rural property where two-year-old toddler Julen Roselló fell into a 110-meter-deep borehole has been officially named as a suspect by the judge investigating the tragic accident

The owner of the property where Spanish toddler Julen Roselló fell to his death down a 110-meter borehole has been formally named as a suspect in a court probe into the accident. David Serrano has denied wrongdoing

The hundreds of mostly anonymous volunteers who participated in the search for Spanish toddler Julen Roselló are still struggling to deal with their emotions, over a week after the child's body was found inside a deep borehole.

“No one can prepare you for something like this.” speaks to some of the key figures involved in the mission to locate Spanish toddler Julen Roselló

In episode three of our new podcast, ¿Qué?, we discuss the Julen Roselló accident, and also consider what will happen now as the judicial inquiry into the events that took place over the last two weeks in Totalán gets going


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Julen Rosello fell into the hole while playing, sparking a long and difficult search by hundreds of people

Toddler Julen Rosello Found Dead 13 Days After Falling Down Well in Spain

VIDEO: The Spanish city of Malaga holds a minute's silence in tribute to Julen Rosello. The two-year-old boy had fallen into a narrow and deep well on 13 January and was found dead on overnight, a tragic end to an intense 13-day rescue operation

Julen Roselló search latest: Rescue teams located the lifeless body of the two-year-old at 1.25am on Saturday morning, after a 13 day mission to reach him in Málaga, southern Spain

Hey twitter family I just found out that. a 2 year old boy has been trapped in a well for 12 days They are final stages of reaching him in the rescue. I just need you to pray for julen Rosello for a safe return. Faith & high energy anything is possible #JulenRosello  #JulenRescue 

"Those who are here risking their lives have faith that he is alive" Desperate dig to reach 2-year-old boy who fell down a well 9 days ago in Spain faces technical problems. There has been no contact with Julen Rosello since the accident

Spanish officials pay their respects outside Malaga town hall for Julen Rosello, the two-year-old boy found dead in a borehole after a 13-day search

Julen Roselló rescue latest: miners are now just centimeters away from completing the tunnel that will hopefully lead them to the trapped toddler.

Julen Rosello fell into the hole almost two weeks ago and officials have refused to say whether he could have survived this long

There has been no contact with two year-old Julen Rosello since he fell down the 100 metres (350 feet) deep well in a town near Malaga, Spain on January 13

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