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Judicial Watch announced it hand-delivered ethics complaint to the House Chairman of OCE David Skaggs calling for a full investigation into potential crimes tied to allegations that Rep. #IlhanOmar  may have married her biological brother. MORE HERE:

@TomFitton : "You don’t have self-govt if you don’t know what the government is up to. Judicial Watch has over 30 federal lawsuits on the targeting of @realDonaldTrump , the Deep State, Special Counsel Mueller, & other basic info requests that only Judicial Watch is fighting for."

BREAKING: Judicial Watch President@TomFitton : "Schiff trying to bully the Senate. @realDonaldTrump  impeachment trial has produced zero evidence of misconduct! Call your Senators at 202-225-3121." #StoptheCoup 

@TomFitton  on State Dept. records tied to alleged monitoring of @realDonaldTrump  family & journalists by Amb. Yovanovitch: “It is disturbing that the State Dept stonewalled Judicial Watch’s requests for info on this controversy until after the impeachment of President Trump.”

“Judicial Watch is going to court to uncover details of the alleged monitoring of @realDonaldTrump ’s family, lawyer, & journalists, as ordered by the since-recalled U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.” @TomFitton  in @BreitbartNews ) READ:

Judicial Watch is in federal court trying to uncover the controversial secret subpoenas issued by Rep. Schiff & the House Intel Committee for phone records, including those of Rudy Giuliani, @realDonaldTrump ’s lawyer. Sign now to show your support:

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Judicial Watch has filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about Rep. Ilhan Omar potential violations of law. Let us know if you agree that Rep. #IlhanOmar  SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED by signing the petition HERE:

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Judicial Watch announced it received 756 pages of newly uncovered emails that were among the materials former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to delete or destroy, several of which were classified.

Why isn’t the FBI giving Andrew McCabe text messages to Judicial Watch or appropriate governmental authorities. FBI said they won’t give up even one (I may have to get involved, DO NOT DESTROY). What are they hiding? McCabe wife took big campaign dollars from Hillary people.....

....agencies, not just the FBI & DOJ, now the State Department to dig up dirt on him in the days leading up to the Election. Comey had conversations with Donald Trump, which I don’t believe were accurate...he leaked information (corrupt).” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch on

Judicial Watch President discussed the Trump coup in his Weekly Update: It was all based on this fraudulent dossier created by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's campaign, secretly of course. It was known that the dossier had no credibility.

Judicial Watch announced it received 756 pages of newly uncovered emails that were among the materials former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to delete or destroy, several of which were classified.

“....An incredibly corrupt FBI & DOJ trying to steer the outcome of a Presidential Election. Brennan has gone off the deep end, he’s disgraced and discredited himself. His conduct has been outrageous.” Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch.

....should be shut down. The Strzok firing shows that the fundamental underpinnings of the investigation were corrupt. It should be shut down by the courts or by honest prosecutors.” Thank you Judicial Watch, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: “The Strzok firing is as much about the Mueller operation as anything else. There would be no Mueller Special Councel to investigate so called collusion but for the machinations of Strzok & his colleagues at the top levels of the FBI. We know this...

Chris Farrell, Judicial Watch. “They were running an operation to undermine a candidate for President of the U.S. These are all violations of law. This is intelligence tradecraft to steer an election. There’s nothing more grave when it comes to abuse of our intelligence system...

On "Hannity", discussed some key findings from Judicial Watch in regards to the Clinton cover-up: "We are finding out even more devastating information about how the deep state protected Hillary Clinton before turning their forces against ."