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Today's 1600: Sanders looking like a favorite to win Dems' Nevada caucus. Topics: Bernie's jackpot?; Party crashers; Mike's green thumbs; Donald's witch hunt; Fed judges pull the alarm; Which president's day? via @Newsday  @Bill_Goldschlag 

Over the course of a day, judges poked and prodded the animals, felt their fur, stroked their tails, looked at their teeth and tested their agility.

So the dunk that everyone is showing the day after is Gordon dunking over Fall — which the judges said was his worst dunk, his only non-50, and cost him the trophy.

Hennepin County judges wed 31 couples for free on Valentine's Day

Photos: Judges give free Valentine’s Day marriage ceremonies

“It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s about love. As judges, this is one of the few joyous things that we get to do around the courthouse to really be able to be a part of individual lives." #RochMN 

Two Travis County judges offer free marriages on Valentine's Day

Love was in the air as Hennepin County District Court judges married over 30 couples for free over the noon hour on Valentine’s Day. |

Since the 2018 Parkland school shooting on Valentine's Day, the "red flag" law allowing judges to remove firearms from anyone deemed dangerous is being used more and more.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a story about two Houston judges that will leave you in tears.


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Word of the day: ULTRACREPIDARIAN - a person who criticises, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise.

In sum: Kavanaugh doesn't think judges should consider public safety or allow common-sense gun laws. Meanwhile, 96 Americans are killed with guns every day. Call your senators: (202) 224-3121

Here's @senatemajldr  McConnell making it plain as day: Republicans are packing the courts with politically-minded judges in an effort to undermine Roe. Why is the GOP so hell-bent on taking away women’s reproductive rights?

This is a sad day for the SenateMcConnell brags about confirming more judges than anyone in a long time But he wants to invoke the terribly destructive nuclear option to fast-track even more of President Trump’s ultra-conservative nominees

It's not only the contestants we're saying good luck to. It's also a massive day for our brand new Judges! Good luck ! ?❌? #XFactor 

I heard on news that WH Counsel Don McGahn’s last day at WH was yesterday. Thx to Don for his hard work + service He helped me/Judic Cmte members/Ldr McConnell w record breaking confirmations of very qualified new judges - 84 this Congress w more to come

Children (as young as 3 years old!) fleeing unspeakable terrors in their communities are forced to represent themselves before immigration judges. The absolute least we can offer them is due process. Delighted to co-lead the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act with

Reckon these guys could be Judges one day? They kind of look the part. Catch @TheVampsband  on #XtraFactor  tonight!

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