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We support @ArkansasSPJ  in condemning TV reporter’s three-day jail sentence for recording in a courtroom. We call on the judge to remove the sanctions he has imposed on her.

The judge's order comes a day after defense attorneys asked for her to recuse herself, citing her close ties to prosecutors handling the case.

My Kitchen Rules judge Pete Evans — who once claimed sunscreen is dangerous and urges his fans to ask questions about modern day medicine — says his critics are mostly driven by greed and ignorance: 🔒

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Michael Flynn’s sentencing is tentatively set for the next day Dec. 18 before Judge Sullivan.

Good morning from federal court in DC where day 2 of jury deliberations in the Roger Stone trial begin at 9:30 am. Here are the two notes the jury sent to Judge Jackson on Thursday.

JUST IN: A judge has sentenced the man involved in the crash that killed former Pima County Supervisor Ann Day to nearly five years in prison.

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A Cook County judge on Sunday denied bail for a Morton College student accused of having a large cache of assault-style weapons, handguns and ammunition inside his vehicle on the same day last week as a deadly shooting spree at a high school in California.

Day 5, Joseph #McCann  trial - judge said this to jury: “The defendant, Joseph McCann, has decided, for his own reasons, not to be present at his trial. He is free to attend if he wishes and arrangements are in place so that he can come here during this trial whenever he chooses”

Proud day for my family. My father, Judge J. Randall Wyatt Jr., was recognized for his 43 years as a judge in Nashville with a portrait unveiling in his former courtroom at the courthouse. 👩‍🎨 @nealstudio .

Deliberations in the triple murder trial of Sean Kratz will enter a third day Friday after the jury asked the judge a number of questions today. @MattPetrillo  reports.


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A Brazilian judge just ordered former President Lula da Silva released from Sergio Moro's prison. An extraordinary day in Brazil - for the world, given Lula's stature.

You cannot judge my Stock Market performance since the Inauguration, which was very good, but only from the day after the big Election Win, which was spectacular due to the euphoria of getting Obama/Biden OUT, & getting Trump/Pence IN. WentI up BIG between Nov. 9 & Inauguration!

Outrage! Judge Day ordered release of a white supremacist who threatened to kill me, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Rep. AOC, Rep. Omar, pres candidates, & journalists! 15 guns found in his home & he has ties to other neo-Nazis. Why is Barr silent? What must we do? My statement:

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a fine man, with an impeccable reputation, who is under assault by radical left wing politicians who don’t want to know the answers, they just want to destroy and delay. Facts don’t matter. I go through this with them every single day in D.C.

This is the royal story that should have been in the papers every day this week, not Meghan doing Wimbledon wrongly / holding her baby wrongly / existing wrongly. US judge unseals files in case of girl, 17, ‘forced to have sex with Andrew’

There will be a day to judge what today’s “deal” means for ’s job. But today, for 800,000 federal workers, re-opening government means a lot for their jobs. For 35 days they were stripped of the dignity of work. Never again should someone have to work without pay.

Don't judge someone after meeting them once because you never know if they were just having a bad day or something

CNN: A federal judge has denied former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos’ request to delay the start of his prison sentence. Papadopoulos must report to prison Monday to begin serving his 14 day sentence.

Republicans have hired an outside attorney to grill Dr. Ford, they’ve scheduled a vote on Judge Kavanaugh for Friday AM (the day after this hearing), and they’re limiting questions to 1 round of 5 min Qs Does that sound like they’re taking this seriously to you? Me neither.

Every day, Republican obstruction of Kavanaugh’s record gets worse and worse. Not only is a massively conflicted Republican lawyer, who previously worked for Judge Kavanaugh, cherry-picking what documents the Senate Judiciary Committee can see... 1/2