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Sources: Trump is considering the establishment of a commission that would examine allegations of anticonservative bias and censorship on social media (Wall Street Journal)

The Journal found more than a dozen cases in which supposed media outlets, with names like Arctic Times and Palmdale Herald, got Google to remove links from prominent local news sites and other pages that alleged wrongdoing

getting a lot of "why isn't the media talking about new york's coronavirus failures" by linking to stories in york times and wall street journal

France Threatens Big Fines for Social Media With Hate-Speech Law @samschech  / Wall Street Journal)

Today in media history: @WSJ  launched its online edition 24 years ago! Here's what WSJ Interactive looked like in 1996, and a story in the Times announcing the launch with the headline: "Wall Street Journal Bets Internet Readers Will Pay" It took awhile but the bet paid off!

#OnThisDay in media history: The Wall Street Journal launched its #online  edition 24 years ago! Here's what @WSJ  Interactive looked like in 1996, and a story in the Times announcing the launch w/ the headline: "Wall Street Journal Bets#Internet  Readers Will Pay". @ScottMAustin )

It's not uncommon for the President to attack CNN, MSNBC, NYT and Washington Post but over this weekend he also attacked Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. When he's slamming historically friendly media outlets it suggests there's a problem.

Vice Media Counters Wall Street Journal Report on Potential Layoffs, Says Leaked Doc Wasn't Vetted

How Twitter is changing medical research. From online journal clubs to ‘tweetorials’ to conference updates, social media is changing the dissemination and discussion of biomedicine. {Paywall} [Dec 9, 2019] @NicoleWetsman  @NatureMedicine  #CCC19 


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The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it would revoke the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal reporters, the largest expulsion of overseas media from the country in more than three decades.

China announces ban on reporters from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post: US Media

China says it will revoke the credentials of Americans working at three U.S. newspapers in response to new U.S. curbs on Chinese media. The move affects journalists working for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post

#UPDATE  China has expelled American journalists at The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal in the Communist government's most severe move against foreign media in recent memory

Breaking News: China on Wednesday said it would revoke the press credentials of three Wall Street Journal reporters working in mainland China, in a significant escalation of Beijing’s pressure on the foreign news media

Chinese authorities should immediately restore the press credentials of Wall Street Journal journalists @joshchin , @Chao_Deng , and @PhilipWen11  and allow the media to report freely in the country. CC: @WSJPR 

As the impeachment gallows are being designed by the hate-Trump media, the nation learns from the Wall Street Journal that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may have been on the Trump call with the president of Ukraine. Well, so what?

Executives at Fusion GPS — started by ex-Journal reporter and editor — “have interceded with former colleagues in media when their clients came under scrutiny”

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"The sorry state of Murdoch media." Includes my analysis of the fall down at the Wall Street Journal.