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Josh Levin asks how investors who have signed NDA’s can buy stock if they have material non-public info about the audit, and why would a supposedly cash rich company which just raised €1.4bn need more funds?

What Happened to Deadspin, According to the People Who Were There @stefanfatsis  @josh_levin  - @slate )

Stopped by Hang Up and Listen to talk with @josh_levin  and @stefanfatsis  about the NBA in China

Harvard absolutely dominating Brown out there. Just having their way with them cc @josh_levin  @stevensonseth 

Reps. Katie Porter, Harley Rouda and Mike Levin have come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry, while Reps. Katie Hill, Gil Cisneros, Josh Harder and TJ Cox have not

S Josh Jones and CB Levin King weren’t on the field for 2-minute. Jones didn’t return after his scuffle with Tra Carson.

ESPN's New President Is Wrong. Sports Isn't About 'Uniting' @byjoelanderson  @stefanfatsis  @josh_levin  - @slate )


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Review: Even if you think you've never heard of Linda Taylor — you have. She's the 1970s Ronald Reagan boogeyman, a racist dog-whistle-turned-stereotype: the infamous "Welfare Queen." "The Queen," a new book by Josh Levin, tells her true story.

In Opinion Josh Levin writes, "Linda Taylor became the living template for a racist stereotype"

this reminds me of Josh Levin’s story abt the woman who Inspired the Reagan coinage about “welfare queens;” she, too, was a white woman who pretended to be Black. (Savor the irony of “welfare queen” becoming an anti black/racist dog-whistle.)

. inactives vs : QB Brandon Weeden RB Khalfani Muhammad RB DeMarco Murray DB Curtis Riley LB Josh Carraway OL Corey Levin DE David King

. inactives today vs. : QB Brandon Weeden RB DeMarco Murray DB Curtis Riley LB Josh Carraway LB Nate Palmer OL Corey Levin WR Harry Douglas

Exclusive: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett, Zoe Levin Join James Franco's 'The Long Home'

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