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INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING BOMBSHELL: House leaders were briefed on a new intelligence report that says Russia is reportedly trying to help President Trump get re-elected – with an angry Trump removing acting DNI director Joseph Maguire. @jonkarl  reports.

More: After Trump learned that his director of national intelligence had briefed lawmakers about Russia meddling in 2020 race, he erupted at the DNI, Joseph Maguire, and on Wednesday announced Maguire’s replacement.

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Russia is helping Trump again, according to the United States intelligence community. @POTUS  got mad because Joseph Maguire, the outgoing director of intelligence, briefed @RepAdamSchiff  about it—because it was Schiff. Then Trump installed a lackey as DNI.

U.S. intelligence briefed House on Russian military campaign against America to ensure Trump's re-election. POTUS pissed his DNI Joseph Maguire would even let his staff appear before committee, that's why Maguire's out and Richard Grenell's in.

"This was a move that was coming anyway." @TGowdySC : Sources dispute reports that Trump is angry with DNI Joseph Maguire

John Lennon had a cat named Jesus, which many people believed was a sarcastic response to his "the Beatles are bigger than Jesus" controversy. Paul McCartney, meanwhile, had a trio of kittens named Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

JUST IN; Former Calvert Co. Deputy Joseph Migliaccio has been indicted for vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence after fatally hitting a pedestrian while he was off duty

Caleb Joseph's air-drumming is the highlight of spring training. ⚾️ FCRo67j7jS (via @birenball )

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I am pleased to inform you that the Joseph Maguire'>Honorable Joseph Maguire, current Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, will be named Acting Director of National Intelligence, effective August 15th. Admiral Maguire has a long and distinguished....

Hans Von Spakovsky, “I haven’t seen any evidence of actual violations of the law, which is usually a basis before you start an investigation. Adam Schiff seems to be copying Joseph McCarthy in wanting to open up investigations when they don’t have any evidence of wrongdoing.”

Study the late Joseph McCarthy, because we are now in period with Mueller and his gang that make Joseph McCarthy look like a baby! Rigged Witch Hunt!

Why didn't Mueller charge Joseph Mifsud for lying to the FBI?

When will this illegal Joseph McCarthy style Witch Hunt, one that has shattered so many innocent lives, ever end-or will it just go on forever? After wasting more than $40,000,000 (is that possible?), it has proven only one thing-there was NO Collusion with Russia. So Ridiculous!

Parnas attorney, Joseph Bondy confirms to CNN he has turned over to the House Intel Committee an audio recording of Trump talking about Yovanovitch.

While the disgusting Fake News is doing everything within their power not to report it that way, at least 3 major players are intimating that the Angry Mueller Gang of Dems is viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts & they will get relief. This is our Joseph McCarthy Era!

May Jesus, Mary and Joseph bless and protect all families around the world, so that love, joy and peace may reign within them.

Bill Barr and John Durham’s investigation is already looking into Joseph Mifsud. They’re gonna get to the truth.

Dream big. 2008: Singapore's Joseph Schooling met idol Michael Phelps Last night: He beat Phelps in the 100m fly

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